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Do you love Goldfish snacks? If so, you’re lucky! At Swiss Made Direct, we have the best Swiss Original Goldfish Crackers!

They are tasty, delicious, and fun. It can be a great companion for getting together or ideal for snack time.

The origin of Goldfish snacks

The origin country of Goldfish snacks is Switzerland. In the early 1900s, a man named Julius Maggi invented a process of extrusion cooking. This process helped create the original Goldfish cracker.

The original Goldfish cracker contained wheat flour, cheese, and vegetable oil. This combination of ingredients makes for a tasty, delicious, and fun snack. It quickly became a popular snack in Switzerland. In the 1950s, Goldfish crackers were introduced to the United States and have been a popular snack ever since.

Why are Swiss Original Goldfish Crackers so unique?

Swiss Original Goldfish Crackers contain high-quality ingredients, like many pink snacks or chocolate snacks.

Being a food product from Switzerland is also a huge advantage. Our country has a long history of making high-quality snacks. In fact, Switzerland food is famous worldwide for its high quality.

Kambly Original Goldfish Crackers, why it’s unique?

The Kambly Goldfish crackers contain the best Swiss ingredients. The gold color is unique and eye-catching. So, grab a handful of these delicious fish-shaped Swiss savories and make your moment special. The crispy, cheesy Goldfish snacks are addictively tasty & delicious! The crackers produced by Swiss brand Kambly come in many flavors as well.

swiss-original-goldfish-crackers Kambly Original Mini Goldfish Crackers
  • Authentic goldfish are baked, not fried. Hence, they are craved by health-conscious people compared to classic crackers.
  • The crackers come without artificial flavors, food dyes, or chemical flavor enhancers.
  • The Swiss goldfish cracker is tasty and ideal for snack time. It is produced by following the highest standards & using handpicked ingredients.
  • Kambly’s goldfish cracker comes in a small, easy-to-carry package—ideal for carrying around on your outdoor adventure.

What’s the difference between Kambly & Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Original Crackers?

There’s almost no difference between these two. The only difference is that Pepperidge Farm is an American brand name, and Kambly is Swiss. Hence, the product is the same.

You maybe even heard the quote “the snack that smiles back.” It’s about Goldfish Original Crackers.

People from all over the world are enjoying Swiss original goldfish crackers! Become one of them!

British Toblerone sparks production of fake Toblerone

British Toblerone has changed dramatically since last year. Due to the downfall of the pound and higher prices for raw materials, the British reduced the weight of the original Toblerone. The famous triangle chocolate bar lost three mountain peaks, and consumers were not happy. The situation sparked the production of fake Toblerone chocolate bars!


Original Toblerone

The Toblerone itself is a outstanding example of well-thought-out product branding. This chocolate bar is recognizable all over the world by its triangle mountain peaks. Since Toblerone’s creator did not want to increase the price of the chocolate bars, he reduced the weight of the Swiss Toblerone from 170 g to 150 g. Hence, the gaps between the distinctive triangles have gotten bigger.

British consumers are outraged. The characteristic shape of the chocolate bar is directly inspired by the Swiss Alps, particularly by the Matterhorn. The changes of the distinctive shape of Swiss Toblerone sparked the production of a fake Toblerone chocolate bar.


Poundland creates a ‘fake Toblerone’ chocolate bar

While some people like the new shape, most of the public is disappointed. As a result, the British shopping chain Poundland creates a similar version of the candy. Twin Peaks chocolate bar has two mountain peaks, instead of the one Matterhorn. It weighs 180 g, making it heavier then the British Toblerone. According to Poundland, they developed the new candy after the changes to the original Toblerone.


Swiss Toblerone remains intact

The Toblerone contains only selected ingredients. The Swiss continue to develop new tastes and unique products from the best raw materials. The best and most aromatic cocoa beans, with the addition of Swiss milk chocolate, make this candy bar truly one of a kind. The secret recipe of honey and almond nougat gives the original Toblerone an unmistakable flavor.

When shopping for original Swiss products, pay attention to the producer. Only in this way you will be able to obtain the highest quality products you deserve.

But anyway, here an update: Toblerone decided, not to produce anymore the “skinny” Toblerone. But make sure you get the real Toblerone, like here from swissmade.direct.

Knorr recipe mix – Home cooking made simple

There is a Knorr recipe mix for everyone! Just pick your favorite among a wide variety we have in offer. And the best thing is, you will have them ready in no time!

In a world that is turning faster than ever, many of us have less and less time for home cooking. It takes a lot of effort and skill to pull of a perfect family meal every single day! You have to give props to our mothers and grandmothers, who seemed to be able to take care of the whole family and cook delicious meals with ease. Nowadays, we get so busy with work and our lives, preparing food often comes secondary. Now, all of that is about to change, thanks to Knorr!


Instant sauce mix – instant gratification

Let’s be honest, every dish needs a sauce. It’s the thing that pulls it all together and makes a symphony in your mouth. Knorr has a sauce mix for every occasion. In the mood for some spaghetti with creamy morel mushroom sauce? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Craving some Eggs Benedict in the morning? Don’t forget about that Hollandaise. Preparing a big family roast with mash? You have to have some brown gravy with that! Make every meal a dining experience you’ll never forget.

Keep it simple or mix it up with Knorr recipe mix

You don’t have to be a pro to make delicious food. That’s what Knorr’s recipe mix is all about. Available and accessible, Knorr recipes work every time. You just can’t mess it up. Stick to the instructions and you will produce a beautiful sauce even if you have no cooking experience at all. On the other hand, if you are food gourmand who likes experimenting with flavors, you have the complete freedom to add your personal touch! Want a salad dressing with a kick? We’ve got you covered! Mix our herbal perfection with your favorite oil and enjoy some big flavors with your salad!


Knorr recipes with ingredients you can trust

Great food begins with the perfect seed. That seed is than nurtured by sustainable farmers who are scientists, chefs, and mechanics at the same time! They make the local wildlife feel at home, which helps with pest control, pollination and composting. After months of growing and care, they pick the vegetables at the peak of ripeness. After harvesting, Knorr experts make sure no part of a vegetable goes to waste. Everything from the root to the leaves is utilized.

Furthermore, Knorr then preserves the sustainable vegetables, according to the specific recipe. This can mean drying, freezing, boiling or turning them into paste. We lock in the flavor and preserve a large amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals at the same time.


Natural food for a natural life

Make the most out of fresh produce with Knorr recipe mix. They are here to enhance your food, not cover up the natural flavors. Prepare some meatless masterpieces with the help of our natural vegetable mixes. Pair that veggie sauce with some organic mashed potatoesfor a delicious and nutritious meal.

In addition to sustainable farming processes, Knorr is also reducing and recycling the packaging and increasing focus on nutrition. This is better for the environment and better for you! Eat it for the taste and love it for the nutrition!

Cooking is an art from and it takes time and practice to perfect. Not everyone can be a chef and we’re probably all guilty of messing up a meal or two. Yet, haven’t you always wanted to create delicious savory dishes that would delight your friends and family? Now, with tips and tricks from the Knorr brand, you can!


It all starts with quality ingredients

To truly bring out the best flavors, Knorr company goes to great lengths to find the highest quality vegetables. Not only that, but they are also implementing sustainable farming processes. They are reducing and recycling the packaging and increasing their focus on nutrition. That is why special lines of Knorr foods are made without any artificial flavors or preservatives!

Transform your dull meals into gourmet Knorr foods

Knorr produces dehydrated soup mixes and condiments. The brand has a long standing tradition and also a wide variety of products. They simply love food and they are proud of it. That is why with Knorr recipes, everyone is able to create brilliant homemade dishes that will wow even the toughest critics.

Maybe you are in the mood for risotto today? This famous Italian dish takes a lot of love and patience to prepare. With Knorr, you can choose your favorite premium risotto variation, that is not only easy to make but also positively heavenly to taste. Now it is your turn to cook just like the Italians!


Barbecue like a pro with Knorr

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means – barbecue season! Preparing the perfect grill is hard work. There is so much to choose from. The right piece of meat, fresh veggies and don’t forget – the sauce. Knorr brand offers a ready-to-use marinade that works every time! It is perfect for roasting and grilling all types of meat. Create a unique flavor experience for your loved ones!


Bouillons and soups to die for

The Knorr company has a long and standing tradition in making bouillon cubes and soup stocks. They are constantly innovating and creating new flavors for your pleasure. No more preparing stock from scratch! Whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, Knorr has the right selection for you.

The Knorr kitchen is a playground for hundreds of professional chefs who work together to create unique recipes for your pleasure. With a commitment to high quality food production, the Knorr brand will continue to provide families tasty and nutritious meals for many years to come!

Imagine that you can go back in the time when you were a kid. And when a cup of chocolate drink meant a warm start of another calm day. These days passed in the blink of an eye. But, fortunately, we can still invoke the memories of these days with the irresistible taste of the Swiss chocolate beverage. Once again we can be in moments which maintain our young spirit.

The Ovomaltine chocolate powder is a Swiss formula for the healthy chocolate delight. This method for improving health was developed more than 100 years ago by Dr. Albert Wander. He had a revolutionary idea to make the satisfying pleasure of powder drink with all natural ingredients and many health benefits. So, Swiss Ovomaltine chocolate drink besides that will revive beautiful emotions on your early age; it will also remind you that you can have together: an irresistible taste and health benefits.

The truth about a pioneering chocolate powder / Ovomaltine / Healthy and lighter way to enjoy chocolate taste


Manufacturers around the world have made variations on Ovomaltine chocolate powder recipe. Most of them only think about how to simulate the taste of this powder drink. And you know, sometimes that means stimulating taste with not very healthy ingredients. Yes, in taste is a pleasure, a good taste always forces you to drink more and more. But, here is something even better…


No doubt, care for the taste is important. But health care must be the first ineradicable habit if you want to keep the young spirit and good life.

Regarding this, the original recipe for Ovomaltine chocolate powder is associated in the first place with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, and those were Dr. Wander’s primary intentions. So, this traditional Swiss chocolate beverage is made with natural ingredients. And it is rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron. All of these characteristics are in this drink to protect your health, vitality and physical strength.
Although this Swiss chocolate beverage does not contain crystallized sugar like other drinks (this sugar is not exactly healthy), it is especially tasty beverage. Could it be different when we are talking about any chocolate product from Switzerland?

Swiss Ovomaltine chocolate drink / Chance to Award yourself with an appropriate balance of bitter and sweet And health benefits

After all, the Ovomaltine is always a special occasion beverage for any chocolate lover. And that’s because of the right balance between deep cocoa flavor and sweetness, and its significant health benefits.

Three or four teaspoons with a glass of cold or warm milk are enough to invoke the times when you enjoyed mostly. Finally, don’t forget to check out other Ovomaltine products in our offer.

Food is much more than just nutrition. It is also a reflection of your individual tastes, food consciousness, as well as your culture, tradition, and life situation. But above all, food is the most primary energy for the healthy body and long life. So, your first concern must be healthy food.

Healthy – conscious eating / Swiss healthy food list

Swiss is very conscious and healthy nation. Healthy eating is a great concern for many Swiss consumers and every Swiss food producer.

Swiss people start to explore the concept that particular food is good for health as they begin to consider the relationship between food, food environment and health. Switzerland has always been a great example how this relationship could work on the highest level. Swiss food movement proclaims strict standards for all the elements that participate in the natural production of healthy food.
The secret for Swiss food quality is an investment in health. Accordingly, Swiss invest in nature, as well as raising food consciousness through a clear, strict and standardized production process. Switzerland facilitates exploring impacts of your food choices because it doesn’t cover anything about its food products and production process.

So, the easiest way to know almost everything about healthy eating is to look at Swiss healthy food list.

Play it safe with tasty Swiss food

Switzerland is the leading country in the world in the number of organic farms.
That means that animal feeding must be natural. Regarding that, all Swiss food products should be mostly naturally produced, without artificial components. Swiss farmers and many Swiss food companies are working with nature, and they look after nature more
carefully than any other worldwide food producer.
These farmers, but also a great number of scientists and health advocates are working to restore our positive relation with food. They are showing us that food can be both: healthy and delicious at the same time. Switzerland knows that the desire to feed oneself comes from the taste sensations that are responsible for food pleasure. Good taste is something that shouldn’t be absent in Swiss food products.

Whatever you wish from the Swiss healthy food list, you will not deceive your expectations regarding high quality and pleasure of taste.
Our shop Swiss Made Direct, which sell and promote natural Swiss food, doesn’t offer recipes for preparing healthy, delicious food. But we offer you a large number of healthy and tasty finished food products. Our healthy eating list doesn’t stop causing many people worldwide who like to enjoy the festive occasions with good food.

Since ancient times, the pleasure of drinking tea has been considered as a healthy habit. Today, the modern medical research is providing more and more pieces of evidence for this belief. Therefore, tea is with strong reason one of the most widely consumed beverage worldwide.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of tea, we can find many types of tea which are supplemented with various unchecked extracts. But, fortunately, Swiss Ricola tea has proven ingredients and superior technique for processing!

Authentic and Proven Ricola Recipe / Swiss Ricola tea

Swiss Ricola Tea

Ricola is one of the many trustworthy Swiss brands. All Ricola products, including special Ricola tea, contain 13 Swiss mountain herbs. This magic mixture gives to every product authentic flavor and many good characteristics.

The high quality of Ricola herbs depends on the growing area, cultivation method, and production technology.
These, the main active and proven ingredients are tended by conscientious Swiss farmers. Even while they are still growing in the fields, the herbs must show that they are worth processing, so Ricola experts check the quality of the plants multiple times.

But except this, Ricola company pays particular attention to the quality and natural condition of any other primary ingredient. Accordingly, it uses no artificial colorings or flavorings. First and foremost, the characteristic of its reasoning is a holistic focus on quality which must be with love of nature.

Unique Ricola tea Taste and its great Health Benefits

Swiss Ricola Tea

You can consume Ricola tea either hot or cold. Lemon Balm, Elder Blossom, and Good Night teayou can enjoy whatever your mood and taste are. Because of the delicate production process and its 13 effective ingredients, this product maintains the unique and beautiful taste profile. So there is no doubt, Ricola tea is naturally but also tasty, refreshing drink.

But most importantly, thanks to this brilliant combination of 13 herbs, Ricola tea has many health benefits. Some of them are:

the activating immune system

protecting the respiratory tract


-relieving irritation

-it helps against laryngitis, asthma, coughs, sore throat

-helps premenstrual tension

-prevents diarrhea

-it is a safe treatment against bacterial infectious

-it has a good effect on the mouth and throat

-inspiring effects for the mental faculties

As a result of this listed Ricola health benefits and its unique full taste and verify quality, this is hot special which is probably your best cup of tea. This tea will warm you if you are cold. And if you depressed, it will cheer you. Even, If you are excited, it will surely calm you down.

After all, nothing left but to get your original Ricola taste profile on our site.

Imagine you haven’t discovered this well-known Swiss Cenovis pleasure!

There is no doubt that from the moment you first try this taste you will not stop to consume it. These Swiss multivitamin Cenovisproducts are so tasty that will spice up many further moments in your life. Furthermore, start using these Swiss multivitaminproducts, and you will make your health better.

Typical natural Swiss Cenovis taste

Yeast extract is the base of all Swiss multivitamin Cenovis products.

One brewer from Switzerland in the early thirties of the twentieth century was thinking how to make delicious taste from the brewing yeast with particular natural, healthy properties. He has managed to define this specific formula one inspiring Swiss spring. This formula has an immediate success, and it hasn’t changed to this day.
Except that it is based on yeast proteins, minerals, and vitamins, this refined recipe is also characterized by healthy vegetables which give these Swiss Cenovisproducts the typical delicious taste.
Be sure you will not regret if you allow these delicious, spicy, natural products to get mixed up with your every meal. Cenovis products are available on our site as a bread spread, liquid wort, and spice.

Yes, these products are surprisingly tasty, but what about the most important/ numerous healthy properties of all Cenovis products?

Swiss multivitamin Cenovis products recommended as natural remedies

We’ve already said that yeast is rich in natural proteins. It also contains all vitamins of the B complex, especially ten times more vitamin B1 than cereal germs. 

According to scientific research, these are some health benefits of Cenovis products due to vitamin B complex. B complex is said to enhance heart health, alleviate anxiety, and soothe skin disorders. It is also essential for healthy functioning of the muscles, nerves, digestive and immune system. And not to remember, B complex is required for normal growth and development.
These Swiss multivitamin products due to B complex and other characteristics may prevent migraines or higher cholesterol levels. 
Some other scientists indicate that B vitamin may help against age-related memory problems or support the health of the skin, nails, and hair.

vitamin b

Besides all this, Swiss Cenovis products contain no fat, sugar or any chemical additives.Original Swiss Cenovis products are now available outside of Switzerland! Anytime you find, you can search for these delicious products on our site.

Ricola Drops, popular Swiss Made product is characterized to be one of the few natural candy products worldwide. 

Nowadays, we are much more skeptical than before about a meaning of “natural”. In a world of mass production, It’s hard to believe in that promise for customers. But, we could find rare products that correspond to the meaning of this word. One of them is this Swiss natural candy product. Swiss Ricola Drops contain 13 magic natural herbs and not a single artificial color or flavor.

Famous mixture of 13 Herbs / Facts to Believe in Swiss Ricola Drops Quality and their health benefits

Swiss Ricola Dropspresent a mix of 13 herbs originating from mountains of Switzerland. These, the finest ingredients are cultivated without any use of pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. And If you want to be convinced of this fact, you can visit six Ricola’s original plantations of these herbs. Or in such an easier way,you can also trust to the strictest Organic Bio Suisse Standards For Production. One more thing these standards ensure is that these plantations mustn’t be near to industrial sites or places which have contact with any harmful pollutants.

Sugar- free, Lactose-free, Gluten-free for Lovers of Top flavor

This mixture of herbs is not only for candy lovers, lovers of top flavors but importantly, for those with gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance.The interesting thing is that this Swiss natural candy was one of the first brands which launched sugarless herbal sweet. Ricola company created the first sugar free Swiss candy.

Thirty or more years ago Ricola advertised abovementioned health ingredients, and among of all, they talked about menthol which improves your dental hygiene, then provide relief of coughs, sore throats, etc.

This sugar free Swiss candy is for everyone who cares about all kinds of hygiene: health/ dental or mental. The strongest herb of Ricola is Thyme herb. This herb could help your brain activity, help you think wider and therefore to act braver. Also, it helps you get a good sleep. Placido Domingo, opera star, responds to all these positive sides of Swiss Made Drops. He says that Ricola is his secret addiction. Because It tastes great and It is a rare candy which is good for his clear voice and health.


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