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What is Ruby Chocolate? – a New Sensation in the Chocolate World?

According to chocolatier and original maker and inventor of ruby chocolate, Barry Callebaut, this pink chocolate creation is the “biggest innovation in chocolate in the last 80 years!” That’s quite a statement. Also, he said that chocolate is a “true gift from nature” with no artificial ingredients necessary for its magnificent pink color.

So, what is ruby chocolate? Many chocolate lovers, as well as industry experts, already call it the “fourth type of chocolate”, although there is still no consensus about this matter. The first three are milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. However, it indeed looks like a gift of nature since it fascinates with its color and taste.  In fact, Nestlé was the first company to sell it, launching with Ruby Kit Kat. But, what might interest you the most is – how is this stunning new type of chocolate made?


How do inventors make ruby chocolate?

Well, first, you should know that the exact method of making the ruby pink chocolate is still a guarded secret. The only thing we know is a document from 2009, where it says that the key is to minimize fermentation to three days or less and treat the product with acid. Also, they are using petroleum ether to remove fatty acids. Chocolate makers also suggest that it must have super high levels of sugar as unfermented cocoa beans are particularly bitter.

The official information is that ruby chocolate sees the world through drying and fermenting the cacao tree beans until they become edible. The next thing that comes is heating the cocoa beans into the liquid to separate cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Afterward, these two parts are mixed back together to create chocolate. Citric acid is added to give the pink chocolate its distinct taste. Of course, just like milk chocolate and white chocolate, the version we consume also has dairy milk powder and sugar.

What Does Ruby Chocolate Taste Like?

Ruby chocolate tastes tart yet sweet and fruity with a rich texture different from dark, milk, or white chocolate. 

A company spokesperson describes it as having a “fruitiness and luscious smoothness.” A taste test on Business Insider described it as “really tart, with a smoother aftertaste.” The reviewer “couldn’t believe there were no berries in [it] because the berry flavor was really present.”

This is because ruby chocolate tastes like citric acid, which occurs naturally in various fruits such as sour cherries.


Where do ruby cocoa beans grow?

Let’s return to the discovery for a bit. The official story is the cocoa experts at Swiss brand Barry Callebaut discovered the ruby color and fruity taste of chocolate by pure chance. But, it was not enough – they needed ten more years to perfect the recipe and make it stunningly tasty. According to them, the ruby cocoa bean is essential for the intense, fruity taste and color of ruby chocolate.

These beautiful red beans grow in common cocoa areas – Brazil, Ecuador, and Ivory Coast. Afterward, natural processing without colorings and fruit flavorings happens in Switzerland. For example, Wernli uses ruby chocolate with at least 42% of cocoa content.

Wernli Choco Petit Beurre Ruby

Fritz Wernli was the inventor of the Choco Petit Beurre biscuits back in 1964. It is a classic Swiss snack with a piece of bread and a row of chocolate. And last year, Wernli launched the new “Wernli Choco Petit Beurre Ruby.” It is a mixture of classic products and recent innovations in the chocolate world. Just a thin slab of ruby chocolate makes so much difference. Hence, it plays a massive role in a completely new variation of biscuits. It’s definitely worth giving it a try!

YouTube video

Ruby chocolate represents a revolution in the world of sweets. Although there are still debates among experts about its classification, we are free to say that it definitely is an entirely new variation of chocolate. There was already a massive success in Asia with KitKat ruby bars. Also, it is popular in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Of course, there are also many other fantastic Swiss chocolates if you are not a big lover of trying new things. Check out our huge offer of different Swiss-made chocolates and find the variation you prefer!

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