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Empty Tubes With Drehmomente Tubenschlüssel


Squeezing out the last drop from your favorite tube might be the most daunting task. And nowadays the tubes are everywhere. From toothpaste to tomato ketchup – they are coming in every shape and size. They make our life easy until it reaches the bottom! Fortunately, your struggle to use every drop from your favorite tube won’t be a daunting task any longer. Drehmomente Tubenschlüssel, made of anodized aluminum, will fix all your problems. The 100% Swiss made tube wrench is made to be used for everyday purposes.

Drehmomente is efficient

The ‘drehmomente.ch’ tube extractors are simple, small, and made to work on a wide range of tubes. They are quite good at what they can do – you can use it in the office, kitchen, and bathroom as well. This Swiss Drehmomente tube extractor’s wide application will make your life easy while extracting content from tubes.

The rotatable handle is very convenient for everyone. So, insert the tube into the rolling shaft, later rotate the handle, and voila! That’s it! For over 16 years, the ‘drehmomente.ch’ tubes are an exceptional, convenient, and practical tool that makes life easier.

The people behind your tube extractor

The tube extractors are produced in a small precision mechanics workshop in Bülach, Switzerland. The completion, quality control, and laser engraving