Knorr Herbs Aromat Seasoning Powder


Enrich your favorite meals with any of these Knorr Herbs Aromat Seasoning Powders, and you will make particularly delicious dishes which everyone loves. These are great healthy condiments which are made with dried herbs and they can be sprinkled on or added to salads, soups and really anything you are eating.

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Swiss Knorr Herbs Overview

Swiss Knorr Herbs Aromat  Powder is the name for three unique powder condiments. These are made with specially selected herbs which perfectly suited to each other and best for knorr seasoning. So they are perfect to give your food special and harmonious herbal bouquet and flavor. Thanks to these finest natural ingredients, each Swiss Aromat Seasoning is ideal for any salad, pasta dishes, soups, etc. In other words, all of these Aromat Powder Condiments, associated with specific cuisines. They are ideal to give those dishes delicious characteristic flavor, favorite and among the greatest gourmands.

Swiss Aromat Knorr seasoning Seasoning: an Essential part of Your Meals

Try once these Aromat Powder Condiments, and doubtless. They will become an important part of your meals. In other words, without them, your dishes wouldn’t have those delicious characteristic flavors,. Also, any Knorr products Herbs Powder is great to help you distinguish your our own creations from those of another cook.


  • Herb Mix Spring Powder Condiment
  • Herb mix Italian Powder Condiment

you are about to create an outstanding personal touch to a recipe to set it apart from the rest.

Make your foods interesting

Swiss Knorr herbs is a dream comes true for pro and cooking enthusiasts. They can be almost in any dishes. Therefore, it would be a good idea to have them around. At Swissmade Direct, we have received plenty of great feedback about Knorr herbs from our customers. Therefore, we can assume that herb will serve its purpose and make your dish great as well. Let us know how you used the Knorr seasoning so we may use it by ourselves later!

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Knorr Herbs Powder Condiment – Herb mix
Maltodextrin, onions, sugar, 11% spices (mustard seeds, pepper, cayenne peppers), flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), 9% herbs (parsley, chives, oregano), food salt, sunflower oil.

Knorr Herb Powder Condiment – Italian
Maltodextrin, sugar, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), 8% herbs (oregano, parsley, chives), peppers, 5.5% spices (garlic, pepper), salt, sunflower oil


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