Familia Nature Crunch Muesli 450 g


Familia Nature Crunch Muesli is the ideal basis for an enjoyable start of the day. You can mix it with fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, and yogurt.

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Familia Nature Crunch Muesli

Familia Nature Crunch Muesli Pure Granola contains ancient grain and valuable whole grain oats. Also, it’s rich in dietary fibers and naturally contains only 1.5% sugar. Hence, the vegan crunchy muesli is the ideal basis for an enjoyable start of the day and can be mixed with fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, and yogurt or enjoyed just straight. There are five significant benefits of Familia Nature Crunch Muesli:

  • contains only 1.5% naturally occurring sugars
  • has no added sugar & no artificial sweeteners
  • contains ancient grains (Einkorn)
  • has valuable whole grains & rich in fibers
  • vegan

Bio Familia AG

Bio Familia AG was founded in 1954 in Sachseln, right in the heart of Switzerland. In 1959, they launched the first organic Swiss Bircher muesli, which was the start of a long-lasting success story. So, the Bio Familia brand name aims to offer healthy nutrition for the whole family.

There are unique strengths that make this family company a great success it is today. They innovate and therefore develop functional, organic, and kosher food products, such as Familia muesli with hazelnuts. Because of their wide range of nutritious products, you will undoubtedly find a Familia muesli for your lifestyle!

Organic muesli, sport muesli, energy muesli, muesli for kids and babies, specialty muesli with specific health benefits; this is only a fraction of what this Swiss breakfast cereal company has to offer! Familia C.M. Plus Muesli With Hazelnuts is one of the most unique tastes you can find.


Finally, Familia Nature Crunch Muesli is a product that suits all your potential needs. Hence, you are free to use it regardless of how rigorous your diet is.

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Weight 0.630 kg

Wholemeal oat flakes, einkorn flakes 24.5%, rice, sunflower oil, oligofructose, corn, wholemealflour (wheat, rye, barley), low fat cocoa powder, salt.
Cereals: 86%, of which whole-grain: 81%.


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