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Ovomaltine Crisp Muesli 500g

Brand: OvomaltineWander

With 8 high-quality grains and the fine taste of Ovaltine. The Crisp Muesli contains 13 vitamins and essential minerals. For an energy boost that lasts long.


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General -Ovomaltine Crisp Muesli

Ovomaltine is the Swiss cult drink famous 150 years. The drink was developed as a strengthening construction product by Dr. Wander. Ovomaltine is a source of energy which taste of malt and cocoa. Swiss Ovomaltine Crisp Muesli with 8 high-quality grains and the fine taste of Ovaltine. The Crisp Muesli contains 13 vitamins and essential minerals. For an energy boost, that lasts long.

Crunchy cereal encounters Swiss Ovomaltine. With 8 high-quality grain varieties, 12 vitamins, and essential minerals. The package is suitable for every occasion. Perfect sweet enjoyment for you and your friends and family.

Allergy information of Ovaltine

Ovaltine Contains gluten and lactose (see a list of ingredients). May contain hazelnuts, pecans, almonds, and sesame trace.


Ovaltine 100 g contain: Energy: 1794 KJ (426 kcal) Protein: 10.3g, carbohydrates: 68.2g, of which sugars: 21.5g, Fat: 12.4g, of which 2.3g saturated fatty acids, dietary fiber: 6g sodium: 0.3g. Vitamin A: 533 microg D: 3.4 microg E: 6.7mg, K1: 66mcrg, C: 40mg, B1: 0.9mg, B2: 1.1mg, Niacin: 12mg, B6 1.3mg, folic acid: 132mcrg, B12: 0.7mcrg , Biotin: 100mcrg, pantothenic acid: 4mg. Salt Minerals: Calcium: 266mg, Magnesium: 200mg, Zinc: 10mg, Iron: 9.4mg.Choline: 100mg.

Ingredients of Swiss Ovomaltine Crisp Muesli

Swiss Ovomaltine is made with many ingredients. Oatmeal, crispies (rice flour, cornmeal, raw sugar, flour australis cereals, malt, cocoa powder, salt), granulated sugar, wheat flakes and soy, peanut oil, spelt petals , cornflakes, Ovaltine (complimentary food containing malt extract 5%), flour base, minerals, fructose, cocoa powder, salt, vitamins, cholne, vanillin flavoring.

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