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Buy Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream, Chocolate Powder, Snack Bars, and more online

With Swiss Made Direct, it’s easier than ever to keep your pantry stocked with Ovomaltine products. Whether you’re a fan of original Swiss products or simply want to try Ovomaltine chocolates and cookies that are “enjoyed all over the world,” Swiss Made Direct is the place to go. We bring you the widest range of Ovomaltine products online, so you can shop from within the comfort of your own home.

With us, you can order anything from Ovomaltine Switzerland, including chocolates, chocolate powder, crunchy biscuit cookies, chocolate bars, bread spread, and muesli. After all, who can resist the taste of chocolate, especially when it’s made in Switzerland?

Shop online today and have your favorite Ovomaltine products delivered to your door. Explore our selection of best-selling Ovomalitine products, such as Crunchy Cream, Petit Beurre, Napolitains Chocolates, Mousse, and Pronto Chocolate Powder.

Grab some Ovomaltine for breakfast and snacks

Ovomaltine has long been used worldwide as a breakfast staple. One of the reasons why it is considered a great go-to breakfast is that it is loaded with 13 vitamins, in addition to calcium, magnesium, and iron. So, a bowl of muesli or a sandwich with chocolate bread spread gives you enough energy to get through the rest of the day.

Ovomaltine isn’t just for breakfast; it’s also a great mid-day snack. Discover our selection of cookies, chocolates, and snack bars that satisfy your energy needs throughout the day. It can quell your hunger too. If you’re really tired and need an instant pick-me-up, these sweets will bring you a variety of energy drinks and bars, such as Chocolate Ovomaltine Pronto Powder and Ovomaltine Ovo Sports Bar.

Buy your favorite Ovomaltine products online now. Ordering from Swiss Made Direct is easy; simply browse and select the products you wish to purchase. Add them to your shopping cart and buy them online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key ingredients of Ovomaltine products that make them unique?

These products contain barley malt extract, egg, milk, and the highest quality cocoa. Additionally, they are enriched with 13 essential vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Learn more about the Ovomaltine brand.

2. What benefits of buying Ovomaltine Products from Swiss Made Direct are?

Swiss Made Direct is an online marketplace for original Swiss products. So, when you buy brands like Ovomaltine from us, you can be confident that they are authentic. We offer a wide range of products at the best prices and provide worldwide delivery.

3. Can I buy Ovomaltine products from Swiss Made Direct in the United States?

Yes. Swiss Made Direct is a global online store, and we offer worldwide shipping. So, no matter where you are, you can purchase products from us anywhere in the world.

4. Do you only accept payments in US dollars?

No, we accept a range of currencies. You can buy products from Swiss Made Direct using US Dollar, British Sterling Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, and UAE Dirham. You can select the currency you prefer and see the prices in that currency.

5. Do you sell all Ovomaltine products?

Yes, we have the widest selection of Ovomaltine products, and you can find them in different quantities.


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