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Ovomaltine Ovo Sport 60g

Brand: OvomaltineWander

Say goodbye to hunger pangs! The melting Ovomaltine chocolate will feed your body and mind, all while exciting your taste buds.


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Ovo sports bar by Ovomaltine Overview

Ovomaltine Ovo Sports bar is a chocolate energy bar with 13 vitamins and 4 minerals. They are great energy boosters during hikes, exams, and long days at the office. The best thing about them is that you can consume them right away or dissolve them in milk and have yourself a chocolate drink!

Switzerland’s nutritious energy bars

The Swiss love their Ovomaltine. It’s a nutritious product for the whole family. Plus, you can take these convenient little bars wherever you go. Say goodbye to hunger pangs! The melting Ovomaltine chocolate will feed your body and mind, all while exciting your taste buds.

Swiss Ovomaltine is exceptional and good for daily consumption. They are made with high-quality Swiss ingredients. And the organization is well known for following the best quality standards. Ovomaltine Ovo sports bar is a perfect chocolate bar if you need a sudden energy boost. They are made with nutrients ingredients, perfect for after exercise sessions. You can carry the bar with you. They are lightweight and easily accessible. Take them with you for a casual walk in the park or trekking. Ovomaltine bars won’t let you be hungry.

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Weight 0.110 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Condensed milk creme, malt extract (part directly barley), sugar, whey powder, low-fat cocoa, glucose syrup, eggs, vegetable fat partially hydrogenated, yeast, salt, minerals, emulsifier lecithin, vitamins, vanilla flavoring


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