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Familia Body Balance Muesli With Blueberry And Pecan 600 g


With our Familia Body Balance Muesli With Blueberry And Pecan, you will get that natural energy boost at any time of the day. Both healthy and vegan!

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Familia body balance muesli for best nutrition

With our Familia Body Balance products, you will get that natural energy boost at any time of the day. This Familia Body Balance Muesli With Blueberry And Pecan is simple in composition yet highly complex in the quality of raw ingredients.

One-of-a-kind blueberry and pecan muesli include some of the healthiest grains in the world. These grains, like spelt, buckwheat, einkorn, and emmer, have remained unchanged for thousands of years. With the Familia Body Balance, we’ve combined these ancient grains with blueberry and pecan. Not only is this healthy muesli incredibly tasty, but it is also completely suitable for vegans!

Discover the power of grains and give your body the best nutrition with our Familia fresh muesli! This Familia Body Balance Muesli With Blueberry And Pecan is the ideal everyday energy dispenser full of vitamins and minerals!

Why is Familia Body Balance Muesli ideal?

Familia Muesli is the perfect, healthy “fast food.” It contains a lot of natural fiber, and vitamins while maintaining low fat and well-balanced nutrition. Enjoy your Familia granola with yogurt or milk. Either way, you’ll have it ready in seconds!

It is a perfect way to start your day! Not only does Familia muesli give you a long-lasting energy boost, but it also increases performance throughout the whole day! Furthermore, it helps you maintain your body weight and blood sugar levels. Besides, it is vegetarian and contains no cholesterol!

Familia produces top-quality Swiss products with a focus on tradition, innovation, and dedication. Therefore, they support organic farming and sustainable energy sources. By being mindful of the resources, Familia continuously produces healthy products for our future!

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Additional information

Weight 0.800 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

whole-grain oat flakes, partly reduced rice starch, whole wheat flour, cornflakes (maize, salt, barley malt), agave syrup 6.6%, sunflower oil, bilberries 5% (apple juice concentrate), pecans 4.3%, cereal crispies (maize, rice, wholemeal flour (wheat, rye, barley), cocoa powder, salt), coconut flakes, maple syrup 2.8%, honey 2.4%, dietary fibers (polydextrose), banana flakes (banana puree, rice flour), salt, natural vanilla flavoring. Cereals: 55%, of which whole-grain: 82%


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