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Tirggel Christmas Tree Biscuits 160 g

Super sweet Tirggel Christmas Tree biscuits will garnish your house for the upcoming holiday, and make your dear ones super happy!

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Wheat flour (Switzerland), honey (30%), sugar, sunflower oil

Tirggel Christmas Tree biscuits represent a special, very adorable gift for the upcoming holiday!

The Tirggel story has its origins in Wadenswil, in the bakery of the Suter family. Nowadays, despite much manual work, they use modern packaging machines. Also, for making Tirggel sweets, they use a dough mixer and electric oven.

An eighteenth-century recipe in Old German reveals the original Tirggel mix:

Take a brook of honey 3 Lott Imper, 1 Lott room, 1 and a half lot of nails, a little milk, and a bitzeli rose water.


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