Swiss Massiv Polo T-Shirt


Wearing a Swiss Massiv Polo T-shirt means you take your sports outfit seriously. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor occasions.



Swiss Massiv Polo T-Shirt

Swiss Massiv Polo T-Shirt features the brand’s trademark and its uniqueness. You can wear it at any social gathering or even during those tough outdoor times where you need to stay comfortable, dry, and happy!

  • Fabric  100% cotton
  • Weight  200 g/m²

You can choose between five different sizes:

  • XS 
  • XL 

Swiss Massiv – the Outcome of Passion

The owner, René Unternährer, creates skis in the very heart of Switzerland. Swiss Massiv skis are the outcome of his passion and quest for precision crafting of this highly complex product. That’s why he was able to create such a ski that performs with a supremely comfortable glide.

This is how the owner himself described the start of the creation process:

I don’t simply buy wood to make my skis. I buy a tree because the character of the skis starts with a tree.

Check out the skis as well as the other pieces of equipment in our shop!

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Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

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100% cotton


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