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Urban Men’s Hoodie

Urban men’s hoodie is available in two editions – vintage and helmet. There are also three colors to choose – beige, navy blue, and blue.


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100% premium cotton


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Urban Men’s Hoodie

Urban men’s hoodie comes from a well-known Swiss brand – Air Force Academy Switzerland. It is available in two editions – vintage and helmet. Also, you can choose between three colors – beige, navy blue, and blue. The composition of each of these variations is 100% premium cotton.

Navy blue helmet edition

Navy blue helmet edition urban men’s hoodie contains soft cotton piqué. It has the AFAS Helmet in canvas applied on the chest with a high-definition logo embroidered in 3D. There are wing logo and the AFAS letters on the sleeve, making this garment essential for Air Force Academy Switzerland lovers. The navy blue matches perfectly with the off white color of the helmet. Hence, it gives the garment a tough look.

Blue vintage edition

Blue vintage edition urban men’s hoodie has the same 3D logo with a vintage propeller. Also, there is the AFAS letter on the chest, as well as the PC 9-F patch with effect used on the chest on the right side. You can apply the swiss flan and the pilot patch on the sleeve, as every true Air Force Academy Switzerland lover would do. The off white of the sweater matches perfectly with the color of the patches. Finally, the embroidery gives the garment a classic vintage look.

White vintage urban men’s hoodie edition

If white is your color, then you might like this variation more than the blue one. However, all other details are similar – AFAS letter, PC 9-F patch, as well as the swiss flan and the pilot patch on the sleeve. A classic vintage look is, of course, inevitable. So, anyone who prefers white color would enjoy having this piece of clothing during the autumn and winter months.


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Urban Men HoodieUrban Men’s Hoodie
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