Hug Milanese Cookies 250 g

Brand: Hug

Hug Prestige Milanese cookies will bring the joy to you this Christmas! Everybody is going to love them – both kids and adults. The golden yellow classic among Christmas bakery goods!

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Hug Milanese Cookies 250 g

The holiday season won’t be complete without the perfect Christmas cookie! Taste the sweet sensation, made special for you right here in heart of Switzerland. Hug Prestige Milanese cookies are extremely popular during the Christmas season.

It is a classic buttery shortcake with a light lemon flavor. Wheat flour, butter, eggs, and skimmed milk powder are the key ingredients that provide this impeccable taste. Furthermore, it might contain traces of almonds, sesame seeds, and hazelnuts.

The golden yellow classic among Christmas bakery goods! Everybody will love these cookies, both kids and adults, and you will for sure want to have these in many years to come.


Merry Swissmas!


Weight 0.350 kg

Sugar, wheat flour, butter, chocolate powder 4.5 % (cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, flavor), honey, lemon-peel (with natural flavor), candied orange, cooking salt, low-fat, cocoa powder, raising agents: sodium carbonates and citric acid.


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