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HUG Brand Overview

HUG, the well-known Swiss brand, started its journey 140 years ago in a bakery located in Lucerne. The exact year was 1877 when visionary Hug-Meyer laid the foundation of what will become a prominent name amongst big players. The brand started the production of zwieback or rusk first. However, with more experience and expertise, the company became more diverse regarding its products and offerings.

Since its inception, the brand has come a long way, and today, using its experience, they have made a significant name in its business niche. A few of their well-known products are Läckerli, Willisauer-Ringli, DAR-VIDA Crackers, and many more. These products are designed to serve many purposes, such as hospitality and course, to satisfy your hunger!

HUG means quality

HUG is an owned family brand and holds its traditions dearly. The organization is known for its exceptional quality products. They emphasize making use of local and fresh ingredients. The brand takes great care to combine its resources and expertise to make amazing Swiss products. You will find their dedication to making such extraordinary foods in every bite.

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At Swissmade DIrect, we have a brief collection of products from the Hug Swiss brand. However, if you want to widen your choices, don’t worry; we have your back. We have a vast collection of Swiss products from different Swiss brands. So explore our inventory and order what suits you best. We will deliver the product right to your doorstep in your comfort.


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