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Questions that we get most often from our dear customers are:

  1. Why are shipping rates high?
  2. Have you considered free shipping?
  3. Is there any way to reduce shipping costs

Let’s think for a second about all these questions.

First, we need to analyze shipping as a term. It basically means that you get a delivery service (to another country or even continent) while you’re still at the comfort of your home. So, in the process, there are people who need to transport products you ordered, using either ship, plane or any other form of transport.


Logically, these employees NEED TO GET PAID for their work. So, what would it actually mean when shipping is entirely free or, at least, reduced?

There are two options:

  • It’s either an act that could support “modern slavery,” where employees work for free or are super underpaid
  • Or shipping costs simply get calculated into the regular price (without mentioning it) – which is a non-transparent behavior

A. Cost of goods – $200.00 + shipping costs $30.00
B. Costs of goods, $230.00 (incl. free shipping)

Which option looks more honest and transparent? It’s A, of course.

Let’s talk more deeply about both circumstances mentioned above.

Why could free shipping stand as a part of “modern slavery”?

Unfortunately, so-called “modern slavery” exists in all stages of the supply chain, including the later stages of shipping and delivery to consumers. However, in today’s world, customers are less and less supportive of companies that practice such harmful behavior towards employees and other companies.

Even before becoming a climate-neutral company, we deeply cared about our environment, and logically, about people. That being said – we cannot support free shipping because it would basically mean that we support work without monetary compensation, which in today’s world could be called “modern slavery.” In addition, we also believe that free shipping is also not beneficial for the environment and climate. But this will be discussed in another post.

Let’s try to illustrate it with an example. Then, It’ll be much clearer to you:

Imagine a woman named Johanna. She is a single mom with two kids and works hard as a shipping employee to support her family. Then, one day, her boss comes and says that there will be some free deliveries – that obviously nobody paid for, and adds that, according to that assignment, there’s no money to pay for her work. So, which choices does Johanna have in such a situation?

  1. Quit her job
  2. Ask why the producer doesn’t pay her and other workers, where the answer is simple – producers are not supposed to pay for shipping costs. They sell products and pay their own employees within the company – that’s it. In the end, they need to earn money to survive as a business, so any unnecessary additional costs are not an option.
  3. Ask why her boss doesn’t pay for that – a similar answer to the previous one

In other words, her life is RUINED because of free shipping! And you know what’s even worse? There are MANY Johannas in this world. They all need money to live, and more importantly, they deserved it for their hard work. There is just no alternative to do that. And there shouldn’t be.

So, next time when you think about free shipping, remember the story of Johanna or any other person in a similar situation.

Why can free shipping imply disrespect?

Countless shop owners, bigger or smaller, throughout the world, blatantly use “free shipping” as a “benefit” while calculating it into the price (some bigger companies use it to ruin competitors). That’s just not fair to customers who actually believe that they pay only for their ordered product. When such information is presented as “free shipping” without indicating the exact truth – it simply implies disrespect towards customers.

It’s needless to say that Swiss Made Direct, as the oldest and leading Swiss online shop that sells authentic Swiss quality products, doesn’t want to utilize this type of service.

Throughout all these years, we created special relationships with our loyal customers. And there are three reasons for that:

  • We sell quality, original products coming directly from Switzerland.
  • We respect our customers and always try to find solutions to our mutual satisfaction. 
  • There’s nothing masked or hidden on our platform and in communication with you as our customers. We work as transparently as possible.

These are also huge reasons why we’re not supporting free shipping because, in our opinion, it’s dishonest.


What is the bottom line here?

As a company that cares about the environment, people, and sustainable planet as a whole, we will keep being honest with you, and hence, we don’t want to support and abuse the free shipping thing.


  1. Every company needs to earn money so they can pay their own employees
  2. Shipping company owners are also not supposed to pay these costs out of their pocket. If they would work this way – they would be bankrupt.
  3. The only way for shipping employees to regularly earn money is to get paid by customers who need their service

We hope this article gave you a new perspective on “free shipping” and its deficiencies.

The cryptocurrency market is booming. Millions of users are now trading Bitcoin and Altcoins on a daily basis. And thousands of people join this excellent market every day. And the reason behind this massive growth in numbers is the increased usability of cryptocurrency. You can now buy more things than ever with Bitcoin and other Altcoin. From cars, video games, furniture, and now Swiss-made products, you can get everything using crypto.

And when you use cryptocurrency to purchase something from the market, there are few advantages, and today we will discuss a few of them in this blog.

Elimination of Banking Fees

With a conventional payment system, no matter how small the transaction is, at the end of the year, the bank will charge you for initiating the transaction. And no one likes to pay extra or their hard-earned money. The advent of crypto has changed this century-old pattern. Though the practice is not entirely abandoned, the charges are smaller if you are paying with crypto. How much? Well, first, you need to know how much your bank charges to set the comparison. If you are using a Credit or Debit card, the bank can charge you about three to five percent. And if you calculate that every year, then you will realize it is a lot. On the other hand, completing transactions with cryptocurrency will charge you about one percent or even lower.

Now to avoid the extra charge, the consumer is leaning towards cash payment. However, that’s not an ideal choice because what if you are shopping online? And also, during the pandemic, you have to avoid going out as low as possible. Hence most of the time, you will pay online, and therefore you are being charged more. Cryptocurrencies allow consumers to continue using cashless pay methods and reduce the amount spent on transaction fees. And we don’t want you to pay the extra charges. Therefore, for your convenience, you can use your cryptocurrency to make payments at Swissmade Direct and get the best Swiss-made products.

Now to avoid the extra charge, the consumer is leaning towards cash payment. However, that’s not an ideal choice because what if you are shopping online? And also, during the pandemic, you have to avoid going out as low as possible. Hence most of the time, you will pay online, and therefore you are being charged more. Cryptocurrencies allow consumers to continue using cashless pay methods and reduce the amount spent on transaction fees. And we don’t want you to pay the extra charges. Therefore, for your convenience, you can use your cryptocurrency to make payments at Swissmade Direct.

Global accessibility

There are more than 190+ countries in the world. And needless to say, their financial institutions are different, complex and the currency is different. These things are problems for regular customers. Why? Well, most countries do not allow their citizens to initiate transactions in foreign currency. Though there’s an option to use a third party, they will charge you for their service.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency is not centralized and is not regulated by one county or one institution. Hence no one will block you from doing transactions with other countries. And the best part is there is no charge at all! If you have been facing problems or being overcharged by your banks for shopping with us, then you can use cryptocurrencies to avoid restrictions and expensive charges.

Lower risk of fraud

Cybersecurity is a concern for everyone. So do credit card and debit card frauds. When you place an order with a card, you are giving away important information. And most of the organization works tirelessly to ensure the data is safe and secure. However, all of these cybersecurity or fraud issues can be avoided through crypto transactions.

Behind a crypto payment, there’s no name and bank account. It is just a wallet-to-wallet transaction initiated by you, processed without any centralized institution. The blockchain technology behind Cryptocurrency is sophisticated and robust, which is why researchers are working to bring them into another aspect of digital life. For now, if you are looking for a safe and secure way of shopping online, we are here for help.

The benefits of cryptocurrencies are many. However, for an online shopper, the above three will affect you more. Cryptocurrency is growing, and the technology is evolving at a rapid speed to bring more benefits and close loopholes if there are any. And if you like to shop securely, safely, and without spending on overcharges by banks, then Swissmade Direct wants you on board. Swiss-made products were never more accessible.

There is a hotel on the border in the Vaud Jura. The changeover due to coronavirus is only one chapter in its history. The owner of the Swiss/French hotel, together with his sister, is Alexandre Peyron. The hotel has been on the border since 1921, with one entrance in Switzerland and one in France, with two addresses and two telephone numbers.

Peyron experienced the border up to the corona pandemic primarily as a curiosity. The guests were able to book a room with a double bed, half in Switzerland, half in France.

Various strict measures

Due to coronavirus measures, owners of this hotel and guests have to follow the rules coming from two sides. As dual French-Swiss citizens, they can only leave the hotel on the French side with a self-declaration. On the Swiss side, there are fewer restrictions and more personal responsibility.

Love at the border

At the reception on the hotel’s French side, there’s an entry in the guest book – words of thanks from a Swiss-French couple. Peyron, the owner of the hotel, helped two lovers meet at the hotel. The Frenchwoman had arrived illegally and was not allowed to drive several hundred kilometers. In general, the hotel closes on the French side and opens on the Swiss side. This romantic act filled Peyron with joy.


Grandfather was a hero

His grandfather, however, was much more heroic. There are photos and diplomas on the walls – General de Gaulle and the Israeli state. During the Second World War, Max Arbez helped French resistance fighters and Jews to flee to Switzerland through the hotel.

In the dining room, the mobile partition along the border takes on new meaning during the corona crisis. On the French side, Peyron has set up a schoolroom for his children, nieces, and nephews. On the Swiss side, it’s full of hotel guests.

Negotiations with Algeria

The dining room was also used for high-level political negotiations. In 1961, the preliminary negotiations for the Evian contracts were held, which sealed the end of the war between France and Algeria.

This unique place was predestined for this – the French diplomats entered the dining room from France, the Algerian representatives via Switzerland. It’s so weird and interesting at the same time.

History of the hotel continues

The hotel has also been a hub for smugglers in the past. Alcohol or cigarettes used to change sides here. Peyron always laughs when he talks about smuggling back in the days.

Face masks are now readily available in Switzerland, but this is different in France. So Peyron gives his neighbors on the French side a mask from time to time.

He is proud to be making history in the current situation. The pandemic is just another chapter in the eventful history of the French-Swiss hotel.

Check out our whole blog section – you’ll definitely find many more things you like about Switzerland!

Three months ago, Jorge Cardoso, a confectioner from the Canton of Friborg, finished his Cristiano Ronaldo Swiss Chocolate sculpture. Back then, he said that he hopes that CR7 will soon see his masterpiece. Finally, this story got an epilogue. Moreover, a happy epilogue.

Not only the 120-kilogram sculpture is now in the CR7 Museum, but it also seems that the biggest football star is happy with Cardoso’s work. He said that it was well done. It is such a triumphant moment for Cardoso since he’s a huge Ronaldo fan and an extremely talented chocolate artist.

As you can see, now there is a photo (see above) of Cristiano Ronaldo and his chocolate twin brother.

When a dream comes true

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Cardoso went to Madeira to bring the statue to the museum. Even then, he already received a lot of positive comments and feedback. Everybody liked Cristiano Ronaldo Swiss Chocolate sculpture.


The sculpture is 187 centimeters tall and it’s almost as big as Ronaldo himself (189 centimeters). However, it weighs approximately 120 kilograms, and Cristiano Ronaldo is much lighter at 84 kilograms

The value of the statue is around 10,000 francs.

What is so special about chocolate?

As we can see, with the help of Swiss chocolate, Jorge Cardoso managed to create a masterpiece sculpture. Of course, it is his effort that counts the most, but Swiss chocolate gets some of that credit as well.

What is so special about Swiss chocolate? Well, we all know that it is the most popular and the most quality chocolate in the entire world. It’s not questionable at all. The same situation is with many other Swiss made products, such as watches, but chocolate is still the most popular by far. People from every part of the world are finding different options to get the Swiss chocolate in their hands. Logically, everybody wants to consume the best possible food. However, when it comes to chocolate, people, especially true chocolate fans, are very dedicated to finding the most delicious chocolate. Fortunately, there is a place where you can find all of them!


Where to get the highest quality Swiss chocolate?

Before you decide which Swiss chocolate to choose, it is always best to look at the widest variety and then pick the ones you like the most. There is no online shop or the physical store where you can find so many different brands and chocolate variations like you can see at Swiss Made Direct.

Among many other high-quality Swiss made products you can find in our online store, Swiss chocolate has its special place. You can’t find such a variety of different variations and shapes at any other store. From Toblerone and Ovomaltine to Cailler and Ragusa. And, much, much more!

Our store has a strict philosophy – we operate only with Swiss made products and a minority of those that are almost Swiss. Therefore, everything that we have in our shop, including chocolate, is the symbol of high quality. Every product has to go through so many requirements to become Swiss made. Hence, you can be sure that any chocolate (or other product) you choose will be the real represent of authentic Swiss quality.
So, if you are a fan of Swiss chocolate, don’t waste your time! Check everything we have in our offer, and find something that is the most appealing to your senses.

When you see this title, you probably think that it’s some joke. But, believe it or not, it isn’t! Jorge Cardoso, a chief chocolatier at Suard, dedicated a Swiss chocolate sculpture to his idol – Cristiano Ronaldo. However, what is so special about this is that it consists of 120 kilograms of Swiss chocolate!

This week, at the entrance to the Tea-Room Suard in Givisiez, Fribourg, guests have welcomed a life-size Swiss chocolate sculpture by Cristiano Ronaldo. During five years, Cardoso invested 200 hours of work in creating a 1.87 meters tall and 120 kilograms statue! His words explain such hard effort the best: “There were moments when I was almost desperate, but I bit my teeth and finished them.”

Cardoso already has a lot of experience with artistic work with chocolate, and he even became a world champion once. However, this sculpture is entirely on the next level. It is his lifetime masterpiece!

After two weeks, this fantastic sculpture will be shipped to Portugal. First, it will be exhibited in Ovar, Cardoso’s hometown, and then, it will go to Lisbon. Cardoso’s idea is to give it to Cristiano Ronaldo after that so that he can exhibit it in his museum.

In the end, Cardoso hopes that Ronaldo is soon going to be aware of his work: “I would be happy if I could shake his hand or just see him up close.”
We hope that his wish will soon become a reality! He deserved it so much.

Featured photo by 20 minuten

Swiss industry has a unique, worldwide reputation because it has always kept to the consumer’s trust. As the important highly developed industry, it has to maintain customer confidence despite the rapidly increase in counterfeiting Swiss goods. Replicating Swiss goods is nothing new. What is new is the impact of the Internet, because it is an open global distribution channel. That is why over the past five years, thousands of online shops which have been counterfeiting Swiss goods are closed. However, the actual cost of trade in counterfeit Swiss goods remains something difficult to evaluate. It drains Swiss brands of their substance, harms the environment and endangers the health and safety of consumers. Thereby, counterfeiting is a phenomenon that surely concerns us all. This is an enormous problem, and no one should be a side to its damaging effects.

“Swiss made” label for the counterfeiting of Swiss goods

The trade in counterfeit Swiss goods includes no attention to safety standards or the materials for use and even less to consumers health. All fake Swiss products are produced using poorer quality and very often harmful toxic materials. But, counterfeiters know how to lie us. Counterfeiters very well imitate the characteristics, materials or look of an original Swiss product to take preference of the reputation of the original, which is a form of a label “Swiss made”. Increasingly, counterfeiters are manufacturing less expensive replicas which are difficult to distinguish fromthe original without looking inside. Regarding that, we must be smart and say: be sure to compare prices of Swiss good via the sites, do some research. And importantly, search for manufacturers warranty. Or to shorten the whole process, just buy with us the original,safe Swiss goods.

High protection of the “Swiss made” label / Watchmakers and sellers

The new ‘Swissness’ law helps protect consumers from all these abuses. This law protects all Swiss goods and services which are a link to exclusivity, tradition, high-quality and a good reputation with confidence. This “Swissness“ legislation came into force on 1 January 2017. Here are just some of the changes that come with this change of law. Natural products must be to a large extent Swiss in origin. There are also strict standards for commodities such as coffee, cotton, and also very important, for watchmakers and their sellers. The internet has the significant impact on the distribution of fake watches. Fake watches account for 9% of customs confiscation. But, we have closure of many online stores which trade in counterfeit this Swiss good.

The cost to the buyer of these false Swiss watches or other counterfeit goods is very high. Thus, it is best to play it safe and buy there where you are sure that there are no deceptions and fakes. There where it is clear that the strict Swiss laws are implemented. Swiss Made Direct gives you this security and also some reliefs for easy purchase.


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