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About Jowissa


Discover the Elegance of Jowissa Watches: Exemplary Swiss Craftsmanship

Jowissa Watches, a brand with an illustrious heritage dating back to its inception in 1951 amid the idyllic setting of Bettlach, has been a venerable custodian of Swiss watchmaking excellence. Over the decades, Jowissa has unfailingly crafted multifaceted timepieces of unparalleled quality, masterfully intertwining superb artisanship with state-of-the-art production techniques, resulting in timepieces that effortlessly meld style and sophistication. This esteemed Swiss watch brand offers not only exceptional value at a reasonable price but also a cultivated sense of style that underscores its reputation for delivering high-quality watches.

In the vibrant 1960s, the vogue for pendant watches bedecked with cut glass swept through the fashion world, and it was Jowissa that pioneered this exquisite technique. Much like precious gemstones, the art of glass cutting was employed to create intricate facets that would dance with the play of light.

Today, Jowissa stands as one of the select few Swiss watch manufacturers that continue to incorporate glass cutting into their timepieces, consistently providing incredible value for money. This distinctive approach has cemented the brand’s sterling reputation in the fiercely competitive market.

In this contemporary era, Jowissa has not merely embraced modern technologies and trends; it has seamlessly adapted to them. This time-honored family business proudly offers an extensive array of products that boast exceptional recognizability, blending the finest materials with trendy colors. After 65 years of unwavering tradition, Jowissa remains an enduring testament to the artistry of Swiss-made watchmaking.

Men’s & Women’s Watches: A Symphony of Elegance

Jowissa watches are a symphony of sophistication, casting an entrancing brilliance as they catch and refract light. The watch cases are adorned with elegantly metallized glass, whose meticulously cut facets imbue every model, be it for men or women, with a scintillating radiance.

These timepieces effortlessly transcend the boundaries between mere watches and jewelry, thanks to their employment of high-quality materials and unique design concepts. Melding the finest leather, gleaming ceramic, and stainless steel, they offer an impeccable fusion of aesthetics and comfort.

In a rich and varied palette of intense, harmonious tones, Jowissa timepieces evoke powerful emotions. Each color elicits distinct and personal associations, be it the warm embrace of Bordeaux red, the regal allure of royal blue, the invigorating freshness of green, the timeless elegance of classic white, the suave allure of black, or the vivacity of vibrant orange.

Explore Our Exquisite Swiss-Made Collection

Our Swiss-made collection boasts a multitude of sophisticated and stylish wristwatches. Each one an exquisite testament to the art of watchmaking.

Shop Online and Experience Swiss Authenticity

As the foremost and most venerable online purveyor of genuine Swiss-made products, we take pride in offering you the opportunity to own an original piece of Swiss craftsmanship. How can you acquire these exquisite timepieces? Simply place your order online, and you’ll receive a trackable, insured parcel delivered directly to your doorstep, wherever you are in the world, dispatched from the heart of Switzerland, all with the convenience of flat-rate shipping.


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