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Chirat Overview

Chirat is a 150 year old Swiss brand, founded by Charles Chirat in 1859. At first, the company was active in the food trade, before it began the production of vinegar in 1884.

The brand assortment expands thanks to the introduction of pasteurization in 1950. They come up with the idea of inserting vegetables into the vinegar. Hence, the pickled vegetables last longer, and also retain their crunchiness.

Taste the crunchy mixed pickles and savory flavors on your salads, sandwiches or simply by themselves!

Kressi Vinegar
The fresh and light white wine vinegar is naturally flavored with herbs and spices! This Swiss delicacy is ideal for vinaigrettes, marinades and pickled vegetables. It is a must have for your pantry throughout the whole year!

Only the crunchiest vegetables come into the Chirat glass! Cucumbers, onions, olives and mixed pickles create a symphony of flavors in a jar!

In addition, it contains no artificial flavors and is completely vegan!

This delicacy contains only ingredients of the highest quality, combined with restraint and balance for your enjoyment. This Swiss brand is therefore a must have on your summer picnics! Find out for yourself why this product enjoys the cult status in Switzerland!

Swiss Vinegar



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