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Dawa Caramel Syrup 2 kg

Brand: Dawa

Dawa Caramel Syrup is an incredibly delicious treat suitable for flan caramel or to refine creams or other desserts. Refine your personal creation quickly!


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Dawa Caramel Syrup

With the Dawa caramel syrup, your dessert will become the highlight of the menu. Spoil your guests with an extraordinary creation.

It’s an incredibly delicious treat suitable for flan caramel or to refine creams or other desserts.

Irresistible dessert dreams

For more than 70 years, Dawa has been synonymous with popular desserts and patisserie products in the catering sector.

Whether crèmes, mousses, or flans, desserts couldn’t be simpler. Dawa shows you with simple recipes how you can refine your own personal creation in no time and make every Dawa dessert a unique culinary experience.


Dawa stands for Dr. Albert Wander, the founder of the dessert line and inventor of Ovaltine.

Since 1940, Wander AG has been developing and producing high-quality Dawa desserts and patisserie products in Switzerland.

The first Dawa dessert was the Crème Pudding Chocolate and Vanilla. A little more than 20 years later, the famous Caramelköpfli, also known as Flan Caramel, was launched. Today, Dawa continues to offer you dessert classics specially developed for your needs, innovative, modern dessert creations, and basic products.

They make your work easier and still guarantee high quality. The wide range of products – especially in the catering sector is characterized by fine taste and simple and fast preparation.

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Weight 2.350 kg

Sugar, fructose, water.


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