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Dawa Overview

Swiss Dawa brand has a rich history. The brand name Dawa stands for D r. A lbert W. He is recognized as the founder of well recognized Swiss desert Ovaltine. At first, the dawa dessert was the mix of vanilla cream and chocolate pudding. After two decades, Caramel Köpfli or better known as Flan Caramel, was launched. The brand has worked and is still working extensively to offer exceptional quality of delicious and modern dessert made to give a fantastic experience to your taste buds.

Easy to handle

Besides having great taste and magnificent deliciousness, the brand put a lot of effort into making the desert more accessible and easy to handle. This unique feature makes this Swiss brand very flexible in the catering sector. The refined taste and easy preparation method work well with guests and the server.

Dawa dessert is easy to make

Dawa, as a brand, put effort to make and keep things simple. By following a few easy to understand guidelines, anyone can make the dessert very special. The brand makes the best ingredients for the product. Their dessert is a favorite amongst every age group, and they have a vast number of users throughout the world. The combination of best ingredients coupled with tradition and expertise makes an irresistible dessert, the dream of every foodie.

At Swissmade direct, we have a vast collection of Swiss products in our inventory. And Dawa dessert is one of them. Our collection of Swiss product ranges from swiss foods to skincare products and many more. If you want to buy more than a dessert, you are in the right place. Visit our product page and explore our inventory according to your needs. We will deliver the product directly from Switzerland right at your doorstep.

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