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Bee Family Hawthorn Honey 350 g


Bee Family hawthorn honey fits perfectly with Hildegard von Bingen’s “parsley-honey-wine” recipe or even poured over a creamy goat cream cheese.

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Bee family hawthorn honey Overview

Bee Family hawthorn honey comes from Hungary’s hills. The hawthorn is a mid-high bush of the rose family with many thorns and small, intense, white flowers. The hawthorn bush can live to be 500 years old. The highly branched shrubs form dense hedges and love sunny forest edges. Furthermore, the strength of the hawthorn bush can be tasted from hawthorn honey.

In 2019, the bee family hawthorn honey was awarded one* at the 2019 GTA or Great Taste Awards. Bee family honey comes with natural ingredients. Therefore, you can always catch the difference between other honey & hawthorn honey. The bee family hawthorn collects the extract by using Eco-friendly measures. Hence, the collection process barely harms the natural habitat of the bees.

A sustainable collection of bee family hawthorn honey makes all the difference:

The company, well known for using traditional methods to harvest the honey. The delicate aroma is distinct. And the colour will soothe your eyes. The honey goes well with salads or mix into Greek yogurt.

The natural bee hawthorn honey- well known for having natural ingredients. Moreover, they filled with natural antibacterial, amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants. This blend certainly makes the bee family honey the most favourable choice amongst health-conscious persons.

Certainly, the ingredients makes hawthorn honey beneficial for human health. Furthermore, the natural extraction process keeps the taste and aroma intact. Hence, the natural bee family honey stays real closer to its natural state. The natural ingredients, nutritional benefits, and beneficial properties make it a staple food for every household.

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