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Bifidus Probiotic Red Berry Granola

Bifidus Probiotic Red Berry Granola – because a good gut feeling is the foundation of a thriving life.

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Weight 0.650 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Wholemeal oat flakes, sunflower oil, sugar, wheat flour, spelt flakes (spelt, sugar, salt, barley malt), oligofructose, bran (wheat, rye), rice flour, freeze-dried strawberry granulate 2.2 % (glucose syrup, sugar, strawberries, thickener sodium alginate, Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis), flaxseeds, freeze-dried strawberries 1.7 %, freeze-dried red currants 1.1 %, salt. Cereals: 73 %, of which whole-grain: 93 %.

Bifidus Probiotic Red Berry Granola – your passport to a deliciously wholesome breakfast experience that nourishes your body and delights your taste buds!

Step into a world of well-being with every crunchy bite of our carefully crafted granola. Packed with the power of active Bifidus cultures and selected dietary fibers sourced from whole oats, flaxseeds, and bran, our granola is more than just a breakfast – it’s a journey toward gut health and vitality.

Picture this: plump strawberries and tart red currants mingling with crispy clusters of granola, delivering a burst of refreshing flavor with every spoonful. And here’s the best part – we’ve kept the sweetness just right, with 50% less sugar compared to traditional granolas.

But that’s not all. Our Bifidus Probiotic Red Berry Granola is proudly vegan, free from artificial sweeteners, flavors, colorants, preservatives, and palm oil. It’s a guilt-free indulgence that fuels your body with plant-based goodness while supporting your holistic well-being.

Start your day right with a bowl of Bifidus Probiotic Red Berry Granola – because a good gut feeling is the foundation of a thriving life. Treat yourself to the taste of vitality and embark on a journey toward wellness, one delicious spoonful at a time!

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bifidus-probiotic-red-berry-granolaBifidus Probiotic Red Berry Granola
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