Cafe Royal Coffee Pods Bundle


There are 5 different tastes in Cafe Royal Coffee Pods Bundle – Lungo, Lungo Forte, Ristretto, Espresso Forte, and Espresso Caffeine-Free.

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Cafe Royal Coffee Pods Bundle

Do you love having amazing coffee in your office? Then you’ve just found what you were searching for! Get a Cafe Royal Coffee Pods Bundle and please your senses!

These office pads are compatible with Nespresso Professional and specifically for use in your Nespresso Pro Machine.

Basically, it’s one of the best alternatives out there for Nespresso!

In this bundle, you’ll get 5 different tastes – Lungo, Lungo Forte, Ristretto, Espresso Forte, and Espresso Caffeine-Free.


A coffee that will please and impress you.

Lungo from Café Royal is a perfect coffee for every day, which you can enjoy at any time of the day. The pleasant and mild taste is suitable for both everyday and celebrations, and you can consume it with or without milk. The coffee contains lightly roasted Arabic coffee beans, which give a slightly sweet and round coffee taste.

  • Long-lasting, intense roast flavors
  • Strong flavor
  • Full-bodied coffee

Lungo Forte

Try an everyday coffee of a special class.

Smooth and comfortable Lungo Forte is made from dark roasted coffee beans. The pleasant and sweet taste is surprisingly full and meets a mild acidity created by slow roasting.

  • Long-lasting, intense roast flavors
    Strong flavor
    Full-bodied coffee


Get a powerful coffee experience at home with Cafe Royal Ristretto Coffee Pods!

If you prefer strong flavor and richness, experience it with Cafe Royal Ristretto. The intense and dark flavor comes from the hard and long roast, which brings out the fruity and natural caramel flavor of the coffee.

  • Strong flavor
  • Intense roast flavors
  • Fruity dark berries flavor

Espresso Forte

Get a well-deserved coffee break with Cafe Royal!

Espresso Forte is a medium roast coffee full of fruity sweetness and fresh and crisp acidity. You get a medium-intensity coffee with remarkable richness and an airy crema.

  • Fruity flavors
  • A touch of dark chocolate
  • A full-bodied flavor

Espresso Caffeine-free

Let yourself be seduced by a decaffeinated coffee – without compromise.

Cafe Royal decaf offers full-bodied coffee experiences with the same richness and flavors you would expect – only without caffeine. The coffee is a medium roast, but full of flavor and intensity with mild and pleasant acidity.

  • Mild flavor
  • Fresh acidity
  • Harmonious flavor

The package

These office pods protect the coffee powder inside and its aromas. The aluminum composite foil pads are sealed and keep the coffee powder inside fresh and long-lasting.

They are made of aluminum composite foil, so they fit your Nespresso machine without damaging the latch-on mechanism. Independent consumer and expert tests confirm that Cafe Royal tastes good, forms a perfect crema, and is highly suitable for the Nespresso Coffee Machine.

Order Cafe Royal Coffee Pods Bundle online

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