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Swiss Frauenmond Chocolate 75g


Did you know there’s a chocolate created specifically for women’s needs? The delicate Swiss Frauenmond Chocolate has the special powers!

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Swiss Frauenmond Chocolate

Swiss Frauenmond Chocolate is dark, smooth chocolate that naturally helps women’s well-being. Thanks to the aroma of 12 herbs, its long-lasting aftertaste is delicate, sophisticated, and bitter-sweet.

The unique Swiss Frauenmond Chocolate contains 70% cocoa solids – boasting a sweet, elegant bouquet with a slight touch of mandarin.

So, how does Frauenmond chocolate help women?

Basically, the interaction between the herbs and molecules in this chocolate helps a woman’s body lift its serotonin levels. As a result, it boosts mood and creates a calm sensation. In addition, it promotes overall well-being, primarily because of natural, herbal elements.

Anyways, there are also other claims that chocolate can help alleviate menstruation symptoms. According to expert clinicians, eating a small amount of high-quality chocolate helps women with cramps and PMS. It’s mainly because of magnesium and because it contains endorphins (happy hormones) that lift the mood.

A bit about Frauenmond

A Swiss experts duo invented this chocolate – experienced confectioner Marc Widmer and renowned herb expert Claudia Juma. They used the knowledge of women’s needs, and hence, created a unique combination of pleasure and nature.

We should all be grateful, as they indeed created a unique, valuable product that helps women overcome their problems. Among all the high-quality Swiss chocolate, this one separates itself with its authentic benefits.

Thank you so much, Mark and Claudia! :)



Additional information

Weight0.180 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

Swiss dark chocolate with 12 herbs, magnesium, iron, and mandarin oil.
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, minerals: magnesium glycerophosphate and iron tricitrate, blend of herbs (0.2%), mandarin oil, natural flavoring, cocoa content: at least 70%.

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