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Frauenmond Chocolate Brand Overview

It’s no secret that women love chocolate – in fact, studies show that 91% of women prefer chocolate compared to 87% of men. But until the arrival of Frauenmond Chocolate, there weren’t many options specifically catering to women.

Frauenmond Chocolate is a unique brand that combines the art of chocolate-making with a touch of herbal magic. Utilizing modern production techniques and 17 Swiss mountain herbs, and 70% cocoa solids, they have created a product that appeals specifically to women.

Chocolate with Benefits!

Craving more chocolate is no longer a guilty pleasure with Frauenmond Chocolate. Its herbal properties help to increase serotonin levels, leading to an elevated mood, a calming sensation, and overall improved well-being. So indulge in the sweet Swiss chocolate and feel good about it!

Thanks to the expertise of confectioner Marc Widmer and herb specialist Claudia Juma, women can now enjoy chocolate without any negative consequences. No need to hold back on that extra bite when it’s good for you!

Frauenmond Chocolate FAQs

  1. What is Frauenmond Chocolate?

    Frauenmond Chocolate is a brand that specializes in creating chocolates curated for women. It combines modern production principles with 17 Swiss mountain herbs and 70% cocoa solids to offer unique chocolate experiences to women.

  2. Is Frauenmond Chocolate suitable for men?

    Frauenmond Chocolate is specifically curated for women, but men can also enjoy the chocolate if they wish to.

  3. What are the benefits of Frauenmond Chocolate?

    Frauenmond Chocolate is designed to lift a woman’s serotonin levels, boost mood, create a calm sensation, and elevate overall well-being. It also contains herbal properties that are beneficial to the body.

  4. Who are the founders of Frauenmond Chocolate?

    Frauenmond Chocolate was created by experienced confectioner Marc Widmer and renowned herb expert Claudia Juma.

  5. Is Frauenmond Chocolate available in stores?

    Frauenmond Chocolate is available in select stores and can be purchased online.

  6. What is the percentage of cocoa solids in Frauenmond Chocolate?

    Frauenmond Chocolate contains 70% cocoa solids.

  7. How does Frauenmond Chocolate elevate overall well-being?

    Frauenmond Chocolate contains herbal properties that assist in boosting mood and elevating serotonin levels, which leads to an overall improvement in well-being.


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