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Kaki Spuma Panettone 1 kg

Kaki Spuma Panettone symbolizes the best of two worlds – Swiss craftmanship and Italian tradition.

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Weight 2.000 kg

Inimitable fruity taste, not too sweet, 15% kaki notes on the palate that blend with butter flavors. Dark chocolate drops to complete the taste experience.

Kaki Spuma Panettone

We are proud to add Kaki Spuma Panettone to our shop! They are members of Swiss Label, with whom we recently became the official representative and partner.

Kaki Spuma Panettone symbolizes the best of two worlds – Swiss craftmanship and Italian tradition. The flavors Bollicine Trevigiane, Moscato, Fragolino, Caffè, and Persimmon Spuma delight connoisseurs throughout Switzerland. It’s because the Pavin panettone is different from most other panettone.

They use mother yeast for traditional production. Hence, the Pavin trusted baker uses it to produce an incredibly soft, voluminous dough. Then, they add 20% more liquid so that the end product stays juicy for a long time.

The best thing is that Kaki Spuma Panettone is 100% made in Switzerland. Also, this amazing 1 kg package is perfect for sharing with your family, friends, or co-workers!

What makes the Pavin panettone so unique?

All Pavin panettones use mother yeast. Unfortunately, this traditional way of processing has fallen into oblivion over time because the production of natural yeast is complex and time-consuming. However, the Pavin family continues this traditional panettone production with their own recipes and together with their trusted baker with enthusiasm and conviction.

What is mother yeast?

Mother yeast is the result of the natural fermentation of flour and water. This mixture contains microorganisms that feed on it and convert the sugar into carbon dioxide – the dough rises.

What are the benefits of mother yeast?

Mother yeast ensures that the dough becomes more extensible and smooth faster. Also, it kneads in less time. The panettone is easier to shape and has more volume, more even pores, and becomes softer. As a result, the scent and taste become more intense, the aroma more pronounced. Products made with mother yeast also positively affect health. They are easier to digest and offer more available minerals.

The traditional recipe of Kaki Spuma Panettone

Kaki Spuma Panettone is made according to old craftsmanship with mother yeast in Eastern Switzerland. They don’t use candied fruit but rather dark chocolate drops. They add the kaki fruit juice concentrate (15%) to the pre-dough. To create and maintain the maximum fragrance and union of colors and scents, they use fresh eggs and butter to restore freshness and moisture to the panettone.

Kaki has plenty of benefits:

  • Vitamin B 
  • Plenty of provitamin A – which is good for the eyes and nerves  
  • Vitamin C – which strengthens the immune system 
  • It contains minerals, especially potassium and phosphorus, and several phenolic compounds with an antioxidant effect

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Kaki Spuma Panettone 1 kgKaki Spuma Panettone 1 kg
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