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Jowissa Aura Women Wristwatch

Imagine this gorgeous piece of jewelry watch shining on your hand like a diamond! Jowissa Aura women wristwatch combines elegant details with fashionable colors.

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Weight 0.800 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Jowissa aura women wristwatch Overview

Wristwatches play a significant role in women’s lives. For ladies, this is not just a tool that merely helps them to track the time. The wristwatch becomes a part of their wardrobe and is considered to be an essential fashion accessory. Therefore, the watch industry knows this fact and produces the finest and most functional watches, such as Jowissa Aura Women Wristwatch.

Ladies, we can agree that your hand deserves a stylish detail. Glad it with amazing Jowissa Aura women wristwatch! The elegant watches of the Aura collection combine elegant, cut watch glass with exclusive color creations.

The facets of the watch glass catch the light like a diamond while creating a wonderful display. It glitters and fascinates with every movement of the wrist. Also, there are gorgeous leather straps and dials in fashionable colors. Furthermore, in combination with sparkling trims, they are providing the sleek rounded design of the case.

A tradition of elegance

In the 1960’s Jowissa made a name for itself as a manufacturer of high-quality jewelry watches by producing sophisticated pendant watches with cut glass. This artful watchmaking lives on in the timeless wristwatches of the Aura series. Jowissa is still one of the few Swiss watch manufacturers to offer timepieces with cut glass at an attractive price.


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Jowissa Aura Women WristwatchJowissa Aura Women Wristwatch
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