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Every true chocolate lover knows that Swiss chocolate is the best in the world. It’s not even debatable, at least for a massive percentage of people. But what is truly the reason why it has been the best in the world for so many years? It is impossible to provide a single answer to this question. Therefore, we’ll go through different reasons so you can have a clearer picture of why Swiss chocolate is people’s favorite.

Swiss precision in creating chocolates (but other products as well)

Swiss precision is very well-known throughout the world. It doesn’t only mean that you’re going to receive your product without any single mistake. Most of the time, you will get precisely the same shapes and variations, as you did, for example, before a year or two, unless the product has been changed in the meantime. So, the situation with Swiss chocolate is the same. Regardless of which Swiss chocolate brand you prefer, you will always get the most precise shapes and pieces.


A super high-quality standard

Same as with the precision, Swiss products are also famous because of their quality. Chocolate is definitely not an exception when we talk about quality. The first thing that differentiates most Swiss chocolate brands from the rest is the selection of raw materials. However, it wouldn’t be enough without expert manufacturers. In combination, expertise and natural materials create the high-quality chocolate that melts on the tongue, with a subtle and delicate flavor. You’ll never experience an aftertaste or a sandy feeling in the mouth with authentic Swiss made chocolate.

Chocolate pioneers

In the 17th and 18th centuries, chocolate was not so popular and luxurious eating experience. It was mostly chewy and unpalatable. The Swiss pioneers were the ones who started the change of the chocolate world. In 1819, Francois-Louis Cailler opened the first merchandised chocolate factory in the town of Vevey. Many others started following his steps, and soon, there were factories all around Switzerland. Sprungli family set up a shop in Zurich, which later merged with Rodolphe Lindt’s Bern factory at the end of the 19th century. And that’s how the story went on until nowadays.


Swiss people support their national industry

This point is very critical. Although Swiss made chocolate is known everywhere in the world, still, it is very important that Swiss people consume a great deal of their own chocolate. According to multiple rankings, Swiss people are ranked at the top among all chocolate lovers in the whole world. People are aware of the high-quality of their industry, and because of it, they don’t need any encouragement to support local brands and industries.

Swiss chocolate melts-in-the-mouth

Rodolphe Lindt is the first person who applied the so-called “conching” method to create the first melt-in-the-mouth chocolate back in 1879. Why is it so important? Because, for all these years, this method guarantees the success of Swiss made chocolate, homogenizes the product, and creates a great flavor. Although the patent for this process was created in the 19th century, it still works! Many Swiss chocolate brands entirely rely on the melt-in-the-mouth tactic.


Tradition + Innovation

As we mentioned several times throughout the article, modern chocolate was developed in the 19th century. Therefore, it has deep roots in tradition, and it is a secret to its success. However, to satisfy chocolate lovers nowadays, you can’t rely only on tradition. What Swiss manufacturers realized is that the best way to create chocolate nowadays is to combine traditional recipes and innovative approaches. That is precisely how many Swiss brands create their sweets in the last 20 or 30 years. Science also has a role in this process. All findings within the industry are essential, especially when it comes to health and nutritional benefits.

Now you can have a clearer picture of why Swiss chocolate is people’s favorite in the entire world. If you are a huge fan, then don’t forget to check all these beautiful sweets that we have in our offer. At Swiss Made Direct, we have so many chocolate brands that develop high-quality Swiss made chocolate.

The world’s largest chocolate fountain has recently launched in the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg, ZH. Believe it or not, it is nine meters tall! True chocoholics are already planning a visit, are you among them? Read on to discover more exciting facts about Swiss chocolate.

1. Swiss chocolate on prescription

Until the 19th century, chocolate was sold in pharmacies as a medicine. People considered it a revitalizing and stimulating treat because it contained theobromine. This ingredient was known to be a good diuretic. Moreover, since it has a vasodilation effect, it has been used to treat heart failure. On top of that, theobromine also positively affects breathing – it relaxes the smooth bronchial muscles and promotes mucus secretion. For that reason, chocolate has also been used for asthma therapy.

2. Luminous chocolate

Researchers at ETH Zurich and the Northwestern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences have developed a chocolate that shimmers in the rainbow colors! And all that without any additives. How does it work? An embossed structure individually creates the colors; one speaks of structure colors. The effect works similarly as a chameleon. In other words, the ordered structure on the surface of the skin breaks and scatters the light in such a way that certain colors become visible.

3. Swiss chocolate color

Did you know that by cracking a bar of chocolate, you can tell its color? It’s very easy: the higher the content of cocoa, the darker and crunchier the chocolate is. The ratio of cocoa and cocoa butter proportions is a crucial factor for this.


4. World champions in eating chocolate

It’s absolutely no secret that Swiss people love chocolate. Moreover, they are first on the European food record. In 2019, it was 10.4 kilograms per each person. Nobody on the list is close to them! With 8.8 kilos, the Germans are in second place. And the Hungarians are in third place, with 3 kilograms a year.

5. Extravagant temptation

The most expensive chocolate is from…do you think that you can guess it? Exactly, from Switzerland, too! One board costs 640 francs. The manufacturer of this fine Swiss chocolate is the start-up Attimo Chocolate from Zurich. A year ago, the company officially made it into the “Guinness Book of Records”. Its chocolate contains a few of the exclusive ingredients: chuao beans, orange crystals, and saffron. Sounds delicious?


6. Skin and hair benefits

Cocoa contains antioxidants and zinc, which protect the skin from harmful substances. On top of that, they are also beneficial for your hair. The high-fat content and the minerals will give new flexibility to your hair. But, make sure to be careful – overuse of sugar and fat may result in blemishes.

7. White edge

Did you know that a white edge is produced when liquid fat migrates from the inside of the chocolate to its surface and crystallizes there? That doesn’t look so nice, but from a health perspective, it’s harmless.

8. For all white chocolate lovers…

Strictly speaking, white chocolate is not actual chocolate, since it does not contain cocoa. Instead, milk powder and sugar are added to the cocoa butter.

9. More enjoyment, fewer calories

Food technologists are currently researching how, by reducing sugar and fat, one can significantly reduce calorie density. To this end, during production, for example, the chocolate is foamed. This method of production not only saves calories but also enhances impressions of taste.
More enjoyment, fewer calories – we could live with that.

10. Properly storing your Swiss chocolate

Nobody likes chocolate bars that are melted. However, the refrigerator is not the right place to keep it. Sugar can crystallize at cold temperatures, so the chocolate can lose its taste. Storing the bars in a dark and cool place is better – 20 degrees is ideal.


Now that you know these ten interesting facts about Swiss chocolate, which of the following amazed you the most?

Three months ago, Jorge Cardoso, a confectioner from the Canton of Friborg, finished his Cristiano Ronaldo Swiss Chocolate sculpture. Back then, he said that he hopes that CR7 will soon see his masterpiece. Finally, this story got an epilogue. Moreover, a happy epilogue.

Not only the 120-kilogram sculpture is now in the CR7 Museum, but it also seems that the biggest football star is happy with Cardoso’s work. He said that it was well done. It is such a triumphant moment for Cardoso since he’s a huge Ronaldo fan and an extremely talented chocolate artist.

As you can see, now there is a photo (see above) of Cristiano Ronaldo and his chocolate twin brother.

When a dream comes true

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Cardoso went to Madeira to bring the statue to the museum. Even then, he already received a lot of positive comments and feedback. Everybody liked Cristiano Ronaldo Swiss Chocolate sculpture.


The sculpture is 187 centimeters tall and it’s almost as big as Ronaldo himself (189 centimeters). However, it weighs approximately 120 kilograms, and Cristiano Ronaldo is much lighter at 84 kilograms

The value of the statue is around 10,000 francs.

What is so special about chocolate?

As we can see, with the help of Swiss chocolate, Jorge Cardoso managed to create a masterpiece sculpture. Of course, it is his effort that counts the most, but Swiss chocolate gets some of that credit as well.

What is so special about Swiss chocolate? Well, we all know that it is the most popular and the most quality chocolate in the entire world. It’s not questionable at all. The same situation is with many other Swiss made products, such as watches, but chocolate is still the most popular by far. People from every part of the world are finding different options to get the Swiss chocolate in their hands. Logically, everybody wants to consume the best possible food. However, when it comes to chocolate, people, especially true chocolate fans, are very dedicated to finding the most delicious chocolate. Fortunately, there is a place where you can find all of them!


Where to get the highest quality Swiss chocolate?

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Our store has a strict philosophy – we operate only with Swiss made products and a minority of those that are almost Swiss. Therefore, everything that we have in our shop, including chocolate, is the symbol of high quality. Every product has to go through so many requirements to become Swiss made. Hence, you can be sure that any chocolate (or other product) you choose will be the real represent of authentic Swiss quality.
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According to chocolatier and original maker and inventor of ruby chocolate, Barry Callebaut, this pink chocolate creation is the “biggest innovation in chocolate in the last 80 years!” That’s quite a statement. Also, he said that chocolate is a “true gift from nature” with no artificial ingredients necessary for its magnificent pink color.

So, what is ruby chocolate? Many chocolate lovers, as well as industry experts, already call it the “fourth type of chocolate”, although there is still no consensus about this matter. The first three are milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. However, it indeed looks like a gift of nature since it fascinates with its color and taste.  In fact, Nestlé was the first company to sell it, launching with Ruby Kit Kat. But, what might interest you the most is – how is this stunning new type of chocolate made?


How do inventors make ruby chocolate?

Well, first, you should know that the exact method of making the ruby pink chocolate is still a guarded secret. The only thing we know is a document from 2009, where it says that the key is to minimize fermentation to three days or less and treat the product with acid. Also, they are using petroleum ether to remove fatty acids. Chocolate makers also suggest that it must have super high levels of sugar as unfermented cocoa beans are particularly bitter.

The official information is that ruby chocolate sees the world through drying and fermenting the cacao tree beans until they become edible. The next thing that comes is heating the cocoa beans into the liquid to separate cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Afterward, these two parts are mixed back together to create chocolate. Citric acid is added to give the pink chocolate its distinct taste. Of course, just like milk chocolate and white chocolate, the version we consume also has dairy milk powder and sugar.

What Does Ruby Chocolate Taste Like?

Ruby chocolate tastes tart yet sweet and fruity with a rich texture different from dark, milk, or white chocolate. 

A company spokesperson describes it as having a “fruitiness and luscious smoothness.” A taste test on BusinessInsider.com described it as “really tart, with a smoother aftertaste.” The reviewer “couldn’t believe there were no berries in [it] because the berry flavor was really present.”

This is because ruby chocolate tastes like citric acid, which occurs naturally in various fruits such as sour cherries.


Where do ruby cocoa beans grow?

Let’s return to the discovery for a bit. The official story is the cocoa experts at Swiss brand Barry Callebaut discovered the ruby color and fruity taste of chocolate by pure chance. But, it was not enough – they needed ten more years to perfect the recipe and make it stunningly tasty. According to them, the ruby cocoa bean is essential for the intense, fruity taste and color of ruby chocolate.

These beautiful red beans grow in common cocoa areas – Brazil, Ecuador, and Ivory Coast. Afterward, natural processing without colorings and fruit flavorings happens in Switzerland. For example, Wernli uses ruby chocolate with at least 42% of cocoa content.

Wernli Choco Petit Beurre Ruby

Fritz Wernli was the inventor of the Choco Petit Beurre biscuits back in 1964. It is a classic Swiss snack with a piece of bread and a row of chocolate. And last year, Wernli launched the new “Wernli Choco Petit Beurre Ruby.” It is a mixture of classic products and recent innovations in the chocolate world. Just a thin slab of ruby chocolate makes so much difference. Hence, it plays a massive role in a completely new variation of biscuits. It’s definitely worth giving it a try!

Ruby chocolate represents a revolution in the world of sweets. Although there are still debates among experts about its classification, we are free to say that it definitely is an entirely new variation of chocolate. There was already a massive success in Asia with KitKat ruby bars. Also, it is popular in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Of course, there are also many other fantastic Swiss chocolates if you are not a big lover of trying new things. Check out our huge offer of different Swiss-made chocolates and find the variation you prefer!

When you see this title, you probably think that it’s some joke. But, believe it or not, it isn’t! Jorge Cardoso, a chief chocolatier at Suard, dedicated a Swiss chocolate sculpture to his idol – Cristiano Ronaldo. However, what is so special about this is that it consists of 120 kilograms of Swiss chocolate!

This week, at the entrance to the Tea-Room Suard in Givisiez, Fribourg, guests have welcomed a life-size Swiss chocolate sculpture by Cristiano Ronaldo. During five years, Cardoso invested 200 hours of work in creating a 1.87 meters tall and 120 kilograms statue! His words explain such hard effort the best: “There were moments when I was almost desperate, but I bit my teeth and finished them.”

Cardoso already has a lot of experience with artistic work with chocolate, and he even became a world champion once. However, this sculpture is entirely on the next level. It is his lifetime masterpiece!

After two weeks, this fantastic sculpture will be shipped to Portugal. First, it will be exhibited in Ovar, Cardoso’s hometown, and then, it will go to Lisbon. Cardoso’s idea is to give it to Cristiano Ronaldo after that so that he can exhibit it in his museum.

In the end, Cardoso hopes that Ronaldo is soon going to be aware of his work: “I would be happy if I could shake his hand or just see him up close.”
We hope that his wish will soon become a reality! He deserved it so much.

Featured photo by 20 minuten

Worldwide, Swiss chocolate enjoys a remarkable reputation. This may seem strange to some, since Switzerland doesn’t have its own cocoa production. It’s a small alpine country, right in the heart of Europe, with numerous beautiful lakes, mountains and villages. Nevertheless, in the 19th century, Swiss chocolate pioneers made a number of ground-braking inventions.

The first one was Francois-Louis Cailler, who founded the oldest Swiss chocolate brand still in existence – in 1819! With one of the fist mechanized chocolate production facilities, he put down a foundation for some of the best chocolate brands today.


Swiss chocolate manufacturers blend tradition with innovation

There are a couple different factors that helped Switzerland’s success story. Inventive spirit and a great focus on quality control are two of the main ones. Hence, the Swiss chocolate industry follows comprehensive quality standards. Some of the best chocolate makers start off by selecting the highest quality raw ingredients, like cocoa.

Cocoa comes from the cacao bean, the fruit of the cacao tree. It grows in the tropics and is harvested twice a year. Once the beans are harvested, they are left to ferment and dry, before they are shipped all over the world.


The Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa

In June 2017, the Swiss launched a platform for Sustainable Cocoa production. The aim of the platform is to improve the living and working conditions of cocoa producers. Most importantly, this initiative tackles crucial problems such as child labor and poor working conditions in cocoa-producing companies. By eliminating these issues, the final product becomes more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Through this process, Swiss chocolate manufacturers strengthen ties with producers in other countries, all while making the final product – Swiss chocolate – taste even better.

Making-of the world’s best chocolate

Many chocolate pioneers made important contributions to the modern history of chocolate, but one of the most innovative ones was the conching process. In 1879, Rodolphe Lindt left his factory without finishing his work. In a hurry, he didn’t turn off the machines and they ran for a whole weekend. What he found on Monday morning shocked him. A shiny, deliciously smelling, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mass. Turns out, the process of stirring for days was Rodolphe’s revolutionary discovery. Today, we know it as the conching process.

Despite today’s industrial age, Swiss producers still follow the basic stages or the original craft. First of all, cocoa beans are the most important raw material for making chocolate. After a detailed check of the beans, our chocolate manufacturers crush, roast and ground them, turning them into a paste. Secondly, they mix the paste with sugar and additional cocoa butter. This is the base for a traditional plain chocolate. By adding powdered or condensed milk, they then create a basic mixture for milk chocolate. After the initial mixing, the conching comes in. Finally, the chocolate mixture is ready to be filled, poured and otherwise transformed into the most amazing chocolate specialties.


Home of the best chocolate brands

Switzerland has the world’s highest per capita rate of chocolate consumption. While the Swiss produce about 150,000 tons of chocolate per year, ironically, the most Swiss chocolate is consumed by the Swiss themselves. Let’s be honest, the Swiss know what’s good for them. In just one small piece of this heavenly food there are large quantities of many valuable substances. Vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs; all natural, energy providing elements. Not only that, but consuming chocolate can reduce your blood pressure, decrease cholesterol, improve brainpower and generally improve your mood.


It’s safe to say that Switzerland is home to some of the world’s most renowned chocolate brands. Lindt, Cailler, Toblerone, Laederach and Frey, to name a few. All of these brands have one thing in common: a passion for innovation and a great love of chocolate. From the cacao bean to the end product, they focus on high quality and impeccable taste. For all of these reasons, we can safely say that the Swiss are true masters of superior chocolate.

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