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Incarom Coffee with Chicory Extract: A healthy choice

Starting the morning off right is one of the biggest challenges of our busy lives. For most of us, coffee is the go-to drink immediately after waking up – which is not always the healthiest choice. Incarom Coffee with Chicory Extract may be the health conscious option you were waiting for! It’s all natural ingredients have a positive effect on the body and the brain.


All the essential nutrients and amazing taste

Incarom coffee with chicory extract is specifically formulated to provide the best flavors and health benefits without the negative effects on the nervous system. You don’t have to worry about consuming strange ingredients or chemicals – it is all natural! Specialists blend Incarom Classic Coffee with chicory extract and glucose syrup. Furthermore, they combine this mixture with maltodextrin and spray dry it – creating a fine powder full of delightful flavors for you to enjoy.

Reduce stress with chicory extract

Caffeine can often enhance our stress levels. The chicory extract combined with Incarom classic coffee creates a healthy drink with high amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and minerals. Scientific research has shown that benefits of chicory include diabetes prevention, liver cleansing and lowering inflammation. Furthermore, chicory roots are rich in proteins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Haven’t you always wanted a drink that would wake up your mind while nourishing your body as well? In addition, chicory extract contains probiotics, insulin and phosphorus, which boost calcium absorption and efficiently increase your energy levels.

Tradition with a modern twist

Incarom Classic coffee has been one of the favorite coffees in Switzerland since production had started in 1957. The original recipe for this renowned blend is used to this day, always putting quality and tradition first. While maintaining the classic recipe, Incarom has developed a modern variation that is not only healthy but also delicious! Add a dash of milk if you like, for an even smoother texture.

Simple ingredients for a sophisticated taste

By consuming Incarom coffee with chicory extract, you won’t have to worry about questionable ingredients entering your body. The Incarom blend consists of 50% coffee and chicory extract and 50% Glucose syrup – and that’s it! No more analyzing the back of the product and scrolling through a heap of additives and taste enhancers; what you see is what you get! Low in sugar and saturated fats, Incarom coffee will even help you regulate your weight. Due to its multiple health benefits, Incarom coffee is quickly becoming the drink of choice for every coffee lover.

If you are mindful about staying happy and healthy, but you don’t want to give up that perfect cup of coffee in the morning, Incarom Classic Coffee with Chicory extract is the solution for you!


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