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About Xyloba

Xyloba lets you create melodies in unique and intuitive ways.Recreate well-known songs and even compose your own beautiful melodies. It‘s one of a kind!
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Xyloba – build & compose melodies on the go

Xyloba is a Swiss brand well-known throughout the world for its fantastic and unique product. The uniqueness of these amazing melody instruments lies in the integration of sound modules on your own. This elevated flexibility gives you the opportunity to make personalized music according to your needs and wants. 

Xyloba products are supporting the creativity in music as well as the spatial sense and the cognitive ability. Moreover, they’re natural, work without electricity, and are, of course, fun for the whole family.

  • Xyloba is a modular building block system that may be expanded and enhanced with extension kits.
  • Xyloba helps children develop motor skills and spatial imagination while also boosting a creative approach to music.
  • It’s also an educational tool, visualizing the musical process while also providing a pleasurable experience.
  • It’s also feasible to construct marble slides because of the sturdy interlocking mechanism.
  • Xyloba’s sound modules are tuned carefully and produce a pleasant sound.

Construction & music combo

Construction and music? What could possibly go wrong with that combo! For some kids, the answer is yes. Xyloba brings together construction toys to create new sounds from old pieces in ways never before thought possible. They provide children an opportunity for creativity they’ll surely enjoy exploring through building basic music stages. The system has unlimited possibilities when it comes to setup variations.

This beautifully built marble run can be your companion for a prolonged time. It’s something that both kids and adults can enjoy while having fun. It has endless exploratory and creative potential.

Marble runs with chimes of different pitches can be built-in. Which one you use determines the melody that plays! As your marble rolls down, it strikes each individually mounted bell and produces a unique sound for every ramp length.

Xyloba represents the true Swiss quality

Switzerland is a nation with diverse culture and marvelous scenic beauty. We are well-known for making exceptionally high products. So, like any other brand, the Xyloba too maintains its highest quality standards for upholding the goodwill the nation serves. For every Xyloba product, manufacturers used high-quality ingredients to offer longevity and a great experience.

With Xyloba it‘s now very easy to integrate sound modules. Besides, the process resembles the Xylophone into a marble run, enabling you to produce or mimic famous and beautiful melodies. The brand also works on sustainability. Every piece is made of 100% natural beech wood and crafted carefully by hand with love in Switzerland.

Xyloba products let you experience music like no other tool.

NOTE: These products (except Xyloba Junior Musical Marble Run) are not suitable for children under 36 months because there’s a risk of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.

Get Xyloba products online

We are the leading and oldest authentic Swiss online shop selling only original Swiss-made products. So, how to get it? Order online, and you get the trackable, insured parcel delivered straight to your door, wherever you are in the world, directly from Switzerland. We’ll also send it at a flat rate directly from Switzerland.


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