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About Kiener


Kiener Toys

Kiener toys, founded by the talented Kathrin Kiener, is a company that takes the art of toy-making to a whole new level. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility sets them apart in the world of children’s playthings.

A passion born in timber

Kathrin Kiener’s extraordinary journey into the world of handmade wooden toys is a heartwarming story deeply rooted in her profound passion and enduring love for natural materials. Her formative years were not spent amid the hustle and bustle of modern life but rather amidst the aromatic embrace of timber and the symphony of saws. This rustic and captivating environment was no other than her uncle’s timber yard, a place where the scent of wood wafted through the air, and the ever-present sounds of saws slicing through timber created a melody of its own.

Kathrin’s fascination with wood and craftsmanship found its genesis here amid the resounding echoes of timber being transformed into works of art. The deep connection she formed with wood during those early years laid the foundation for what would eventually become Kiener toys. Those first impressions of the textures, smells, and sheer artistry of working with wood left an indelible mark on her young heart. It was in this enchanting backdrop of natural beauty that her lifelong love affair with wood took root, and those formative memories continue to shape the very essence of Kiener toys today.

Swiss wooden toys: A natural joy

Swiss wooden toys are a treasure trove of captivating handmade Swiss wooden toys that promise to transform your child’s playtime into a truly magical experience. The philosophy behind these creations is rooted in the belief that, in a world overrun by plastic, there’s an intrinsic joy in reconnecting with the authenticity of natural materials.

Within the enchanting world of Kiener toys, you’ll find a captivating array of meticulously crafted wooden wonders. Each piece represents a testament to the timeless appeal of natural materials. Whether it’s the intricately designed wooden puzzles that ignite the fires of curiosity and challenge young minds or the sweet melodies that flow from their music boxes, Kiener toys know how to weave enchantment into every creation.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Kiener toys’ craftsmanship goes beyond conventional playthings. Their little mosaics and colorful mobiles are more than just toys; they are miniature pieces of art that add a touch of creativity and imagination to your child’s playtime. These creations are designed to keep young minds utterly mesmerized, offering them not just entertainment but an opportunity to explore their innate creativity.

In essence, Swiss wooden toys serve as a delightful reminder of the simple joys that wooden toys bring. These creations are not merely inanimate objects but portals that transport your children to a world where imagination knows no bounds, and the allure of wooden toys stands the test of time. With a steadfast commitment to the tradition of wooden craftsmanship, the brand ensures that your child’s fascination with these timeless treasures is an enduring one. In a world where trends come and go, these wooden wonders stand as an emblem of tradition and quality that will make your child’s playtime endlessly exciting and meaningful.

Crafting with care: Kiener toys

The brand doesn’t just stand for exceptional craftsmanship; it also champions social and environmental responsibility. The company collaborates with an organization called “Das Werk und Wohnhaus,” a program that employs socially and mentally impaired men and women to craft these charming toys. This collaboration transcends the realm of business; it’s a testament to Kiener’s dedication to creating a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Social and environmental responsibility are at the core of the brand. They believe that making delightful toys should be complemented by making a positive impact. With these values as their guiding light, they ensure that every toy they create is a symbol of craftsmanship, sustainability, and love.

The brand offer a breath of fresh, natural air. Their delightful wooden creations are more than just playthings; they are a bridge to a simpler, more sustainable way of engaging a child’s imagination. You and your child won’t be able to get enough of Kiener toys – each piece is not just a toy but a piece of art that your family will cherish for generations. So, embrace the world of Kiener Toys, where tradition, quality, and responsibility meet to create the ultimate childhood companions.


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