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Swiss Advance: For the greatest lovers of nature

Swiss Advance Company is a company with a particular purpose. That purpose is to bring people closer to nature and vice versa, to bring nature closer to people. Since the very beginning of the company, the idea has been to produce high-quality, innovative and multi-talented barbecue tools which have a vast field of use. In other words, all Swiss Advance products with the multi-tool design, made with the best possible environmental standards, are those that will not only beautify your departures in nature but also they will always make you stay there longer and easier. Also at home, office or school these products will show you how to spend less time for preparing, chopping food, and have more enjoyable time doing the same.

Swiss Advance: Smart products for an inspiring trip

Swiss barbecue tools with the multi-tool design represent new ideas in the production of grill tools. All of them are made to be attractive, smart and efficient tools which will be always getting the attention of those who have not already seen and used them. These barbecue tools have passed many tests for the usability, quality, durability, design and many users already recognize them as one of the top performers throughout grilling seasons. Thus, there is a minimal chance that the experience of using these products does not cause the same feeling to you. You might be impressed by the Swiss Advance Pocket Knife. This one as well as Salt and Pepper Box clearly illustrates how one small product can have so many purposes.



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