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Kiener Assorted Sound Cubes

Brand: Kiener Toys

Kiener Assorted Sound Cubes are continuing the trend of social responsibility, with social integration and support of addicts and mentally impaired workers.


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Kiener assorted sound cubes overview

Kiener Assorted Sound Cubes are continuing the trend of social responsibility when it comes to Kiener toys. Also, the manufacture of finished and semi-finished products highlights various foundations and workshops.

The social integration and support of addicts and mentally impaired workers is also a tradition at Trauffer Holzspielwaren AG for years. Therefore, it is their express aim to support these people in their personal stabilization as well as in their social and professional integration. In the end, creating such a company culture means that Kiener truly cares about society.

– FSC. For you, us, and nature.
– Swiss wood. For Switzerland as a business location.
– Co2 reduced production. For the environment.
– 100% natural colors. For kids.
– EN 71 standards. For security.

Teach your kids from Kiener assorted sound cubes

Sounds play a crucial role for day to day life. Sound can tell us about the place, time, and character. Therefore, it is essential to teach the kids from an early age and educate themselves about the common sounds surrounding them while having fun! The Kiener assorted sound cubes are an amazing system that is made to educate children regarding many things that are surrounding them. From the sound of the sea to summer, birthdays, and many more, these sound boxes carry melodies that will pass the knowledge of different elements of the environment with fun and soothing melody.

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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