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Ricola Bio Tea 18 Bags 25.2g

Ricola Bio Tea 18 Bags are available in 2 flavors: herbal and lemon balm. It’s a perfect addition to your morning or evening routine. Enjoy!

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Ricola Bio Lemon Balm Tea- 18 bags
Lemon Balm (51%), Lemon Verbena, Lemon Thyme. All ingredients come from organic production.

Ricola Bio Herbs Tea- 18 bags
Peppermint (30%), yarrow, lemon verbena, nana mint, mallow (9%), buckhorn, lemon thyme, thyme (4%), lady's mantle, sage, calendula, lemon balm, stevia leaves. All ingredients come from organic production.

Ricola Bio Tea 18 Bags

Ricola Bio Tea 18 Bags soothes, refreshes, and pampers the senses.

The herbal pleasure is on another level. And the preparation is simple: pour boiling water over the tea bag and let it steep for ten minutes.

The Bio-Suisse-certified herbal teas are available in 2 flavors:

  • herbal
  • lemon balm

The knowledge of herbs

Confectionery business giant Richterich & Compagnie created the Ricola brand in 1930. It is based on the twin pillars of innovation and quality awareness. The family company now exports its herbs to more than 50 countries worldwide.  And the brand Ricola is proud to use only natural methods in their production. They give their herbs the time they need to grow. But once they have been harvested, they work quickly because fresh herbs are sensitive.

It is not good to keep them in transit for long periods. Hence, they cultivate and process their herbs in Switzerland. Moreover, every single step of the production process takes place in Switzerland.

In combination with the knowledge of herbs, Swiss quality goes by the name of Ricola cough sweets. The candy is famous for its unique, delicious taste and soothing effect on the mouth and throat.

In addition to this product, we offer a variety of Ricola products, such as herb drops, pearls, and teas.

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Ricola Bio TeaRicola Bio Tea 18 Bags 25.2g
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