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Zweifel Mustard Seasoning 70 g


Why wouldn’t make your favorite dish tastier? A small addition of Zweifel Mustard Seasoning can make a huge difference.

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Zweifel Mustard Seasoning

Zweifel Mustard Seasoning brings a unique feeling to the plate. Therefore, your potato dishes, salad dressings, vegetables, or fish dishes will taste a bit better. This seasoning is very popular at every celebration, barbecue, socializing, picnic, or any other event.

Why wouldn’t make your favorite dish tastier? A small addition of this tasty Mustard Seasoning can make a huge difference. This original seasoning mixture enchants salad dishes, potato dishes, marinades, picnic eggs, and much more into real culinary delights. Besides, you can use it every day without limitations! It will take your meals to the next level. Zweifel Mustard Seasoning is the kitchen addition you don’t want to miss!

Where it all began

In the early 1950s, Hans Meier, a cousin of Heinrich Zweifel Sr., fried the first potato chips in a huge Polish kitchen pan on a farm near Rumlang. The processing of potatoes into chips took place mainly in refurbished household appliances. Moreover, the experiment turned out to be a promising idea for the future. One thing was clear from the beginning: only those who work with a lot of love, care, and dedication can make the best chips and snacks. Hence, that is why Zweifel company use only selected ingredients for their products. With a unique fresh service, they ensure that their chips and snacks are available everywhere, and that they are always fresh and crunchy.

Seasoning is an absolute must-have in every kitchen, no matter if you are a professional chef or an amateur that loves to cook! Hence, don’t miss out on this tasty mix, which can make your meal much tastier! Browse through our online selection and find seasoning that suits you the most!

Additional information

Weight0.170 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sugar, salt (Switzerland), MUSTARD GRAINS 15%, onions, MUSTARD OIL 4.5%, yeast extract, starch, anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide, calcium phosphate), acidity regulator (sodium acetate, potassium citrate), acidulants (citric acid), flavor, shea fat, Antioxidant (rosemary extract).


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