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Christmas Chocolate Mix 500 g

You can make a memorable Christmas despite the current circumstances. Christmas Chocolate Mix can help you achieve that goal. Enjoy!

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Christmas Chocolate Mix

We present you the gorgeous Christmas Chocolate Mix coming from Chocolats Halba! Each piece inside of this package is carefully chosen to satisfy the taste of all generations. But sure, kids would enjoy these more, for sure. 🙂

You can make a memorable Christmas despite the current circumstances. These mini chocolates can help you achieve that goal.

Enjoy and stay safe!

The better chocolate

Chocolats Halba supports “the better chocolate”. For them, “better” means that it generates added value all along the value chain.

As Swiss chocolatiers, they enjoy the privilege of manufacturing a luxurious product for connoisseurs. You can sense this joy of their products. They rely on every employee to do their bit. For them, attention to detail is also a duty to look for things that may not be immediately obvious.

Also, the manufacture of their products is entirely in Switzerland. Most importantly, their passion is to produce the best and fairest Swiss chocolate, such as Christmas Chocolate Mix.

When it comes to sustainability, Chocolats Halba cares that all their suppliers produce ecologically. They support sustainable cocoa farming and source main raw and packaging materials according to independent ethical and ecological standards. The best description of their work would be:

“The best chocolate experience with a clear conscience.”

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