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Original Toblerone Chocolate Bar 100 g

The original Toblerone chocolate bar is perfect and unique. It brings happiness. Get the Toblerone directly from Switzerland and enjoy authentic deliciousness.

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Original Toblerone Chocolate Bar

Original Toblerone Chocolate Bar is made with high-quality ingredients, including milk chocolate, nougat, honey, and almonds. They have a smooth and creamy texture and a sweet and nutty flavor. The triangular shape is designed to represent the Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps.

Toblerone milk is recognized as one of the most craved Swiss chocolates worldwide. Now, you can get this specialty directly from Switzerland at your doorstep.

This distinct Original Toblerone Chocolate Bar leaves a lasting flavor in your mouth, which only the best quality could offer because of a large amount of cocoa mass and cocoa butter. After the chocolate has melted, this taste will stay with you for several minutes. To have that particular experience, you only need a small piece of this classic.

Well, it’s all about the ingredients used to make this Swiss chocolate. The Toblerone ingredients, such as honey and almond nougat, are used with the highest standards. The ingredients & its superb quality ensure that every piece is perfect.

Eating the right way

While the Original Toblerone Chocolate Bar is fantastic, the consumption process makes it more impressive. You can not munch it through like any other. Toblerone needs extraordinary eating decorum, according to the chocolate connoisseur! Here is how it goes:

  • Please do not break the pieces by simply pulling them to the outside. So what’s the way? Well, the opposite, of course! It would be best if you pushed the triangles inwards. This means towards the rest of the Original Toblerone Chocolate Bar.
  • And then, you need to use your finger to tap on the tip, and it should do it. This might sound simple. However, thousands of people worldwide said that they had been eating it wrong until the brand came up with the video on eating the chocolate properly!

Little about history

As one of the most iconic Swiss milk chocolate bars globally, the maker of Toblerone bar has a rich history and millions of customers with satisfied taste buds! They have been producing chocolate confectionery for decades. Back in Switzerland, in 1908, Theodor Tobler and Theodor Baumann invented unique & authentic products. Their confectionery shop produced special recipes, a unique Toblerone triangular shape, and an instantly recognizable logo, making this brand famous for all these years.

Important information worth sharing for reference purposes

  • The Matterhorn only appeared on the Toblerone packaging of the bar in 1970. However, not on the front, but initially only on the two sides of the head.
  • In 2000, there was a gentle redesign. The blue and white Tobler logo disappears, and the Matterhorn now appears on the Toblerone packaging in its place.
  • Torrone Toblerone is a play based on the founder’s name. It also signifies the Italian words for honey and almond nougat, both deliciously decadent ingredients in chocolate.
  • In 2018, this internationally renowned packaging, with its prismatic shape and sweet triangular content, celebrated its 110th anniversary. Furthermore, one thing is sure – the unusual idea of creating pyramid-shaped chocolate was a resounding success and quite deserving of a packaging icon. Their authentic Swiss Bundle is one of these more exciting packages.

Enjoy the richness of the Original Toblerone Chocolate Bar!

Let the goodness of Swiss milk chocolate melt in your mouth and do its magic! The unique shape of this flavorful Swiss milk chocolate bar with almond nougat makes it a distinct and exceptional Swiss chocolate, great for snack time and whenever you feel the urge to have chocolate.

They are delicious, filled with rich and best Swiss ingredients, and a perfect treat for all of those you cherish and hold dear to your heart. However, it would be pretty hard to pass along the chocolate box without craving a tiny bite!

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original Toblerone chocolate barOriginal Toblerone Chocolate Bar 100 g
Original price was: $5.85.Current price is: $5.30.
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