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Kambly Biscuit With Cailler Milk Chocolate 125 g

Kambly biscuit and Cailler milk chocolate – the ultimate Swiss combination for all lovers of outstanding taste. The maximum sweet pleasure is guaranteed.

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Weight 0.230 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Kambly Cailler milk chocolate Overview

Kambly Cailler milk chocolate, made from the finest cocoa, meets fine, crunchy Petit Beurre Kambly biscuit. Two Swiss classics come together to make doubly good Petit Beurre Chocolate. This much-loved milk chocolate holds its traditional value and pleasure at its best. Made from fresh milk from the Swiss Alpine and other Swiss ingredients, it brings joy and happiness to all who appreciate real quality.

The Kambly milk chocolate comes with a great-looking package. Therefore, you can always use this as a gift to your loved ones. The chocolate is filled with nutrients and can give you a power boost whenever you need any. Lightweight, portable Cailler milk chocolate is an exemplary craftsmanship of well known Swiss brand Kambly. They have been perfecting the art of making swiss chocolate and snacks for decades. And that experience is clearly paid off! From ingredients to rich chocolate, the Swiss-made Cailler chocolate is perfect in all regards.

A Perfectionist brand

Kambly products aim to deliver fine delight delicacies. Kambly has been baking speciality biscuits in the heart of Switzerland for some 100 years. Furthermore, the same dedication which was present back then is here nowadays. You can always expect the best from the brand. They are experienced at what they do and take note of customers’ feedback very seriously. From biscuit to chocolate, the brand puts a lot of effort into making everything perfect, so end-user like you have the best time and come back for more!

Order Kambly Cailler milk chocolate

At Swissmade Direct, we have a huge collection of original Swiss-made chocolate from different Swiss brands, including Kambly. If you consider yourself a serious chocolate lover, you will love what we have in our inventory. Please browse through our product page and buy the best Swiss chocolate. Order from your home, and we will deliver the product right at your doorstep.



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Kambly Biscuit With Cailler Milk ChocolateKambly Biscuit With Cailler Milk Chocolate 125 g
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