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Ragusa Blond Chocolate 100 g


Ragusa Blond is a delicately smooth version of regular white chocolate. Its golden yellow color and unique taste will make you ecstatic!

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Ragusa Blond

Ragusa Blond rocks chocolate lovers. It’s distinct from white chocolate and expands the taste experience with a delicately sweet, smooth version. Blond is named for its golden yellow color and pronounced hints of caramel.

A key ingredient of Ragusa – hazelnuts – is the main reason why Ragusa is a cult product and a unique Swiss chocolate specialty. Another essential ingredient is cocoa beans which arrive in Courtelary.

Daniel Bloch discovered Ragusa Blond chocolate during a trip to Quebec at the beginning of 2013. Impressed, the CEO of the family business Camille Bloch asked his team in charge of innovation to produce a Ragusa Blond. In record time, this new product became available in February 2014.

Long tradition

Ragusa is a hazelnut chocolate bar from Switzerland. Its creation dates back to 1942 when raw materials such as cocoa were in short supply. Camille Bloch used a mass of ground hazelnuts and whole hazelnuts to fill a bar of chocolate. He poured this mixture into successive layers and cut them into rectangular bars. Hence, the Ragusa chocolate was born.

Today, the Ragusa chocolate bar still possesses the original characteristics – the same recipe, the traditional method of manufacturing, and, of course, the same rectangular shape.

The cult chocolate bar won the hearts of Swiss consumers with its smooth praline filling, whole hazelnuts, and original rectangular shape. Most importantly, it is 100% natural!

Besides the blond version, there are also the original one and noir with 60% cacao.

Finally, the Swiss company places the highest priority on the quality of raw materials. Therefore, they employ social and environmental sustainability on all production sites.

The brand keeps a tradition alive but creates new taste experiences for all chocolate lovers. 

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

s: sugar, hazelnuts (of which 9% whole),
caramelized milk powder 20% (whole milk powder,
caramelized sugar 3%) cocoa butter, coconut fat, soya flour,
cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya lecithin, pure vanilla extract
White chocolate: minimum 23% cacao


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