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Kambly Biscuit With Cailler Dark Chocolate 125 g


Kambly biscuit and Cailler dark chocolate are combined together to bring the highest possible sweet pleasure you can imagine. A wonderful Swiss combination!

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Cailler Dark Chocolate Overview

Swiss Cailler dark chocolate from the finest cocoa meets fine, crunchy Petit Beurre Kambly biscuit. Two Swiss classics combine to make doubly good Petit Beurre. The dark chocolate smoothly melts on the tongue- it will bring joy and pleasure to all who appreciate real quality.

A careful composition of almonds and cranberries with an intense dark taste gives heavenly pleasure to your taste buds. The freshly roasted almond, coupled with dark and rich chocolate, will provide you with absolute delight. Swiss Cailler is truly a dream come true for all those dark-sweet lovers.

Kambly Cailler brings pleasure to your taste-buds

The modern-day Cailler is the evolution of two hundred years old recipes! The continuous refinement and feedback have made this Kambly Cailler an exceptional Swiss delicacy. Thanks to its smooth consistency, Cailler melts in the mouth, just like butter.

This much-loved chocolate stands for traditional pleasure at its best. The ingredients that are being used most of them are sourced locally. For instance, the fresh milk that makes Cailler possible comes from the Swiss Alpine pastures and the colorful memories of a happy childhood.

Kambly- Synonym with Quality Products

If we talk about the brand, we are well aware that Kambly products aim to deliver fine delight delicacies. Kambly has been baking specialty biscuits in the heart of Switzerland for some 100 years.

Furthermore, the same dedication which was present back then is here nowadays. Made with excellent quality ingredients and sustainably-farmed cocoa beans, Kambly Cailler, in a word, is fantastic, and every connoisseur can appreciate it. Order the crown jewel of chocolate from your home now!

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