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Titlis Gin Collection

Introducing the Titlis Gin Collection – an exquisite range of meticulously crafted gins inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Engelberg, Switzerland.

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Titlis Gin Collection

Introducing the Titlis Gin Collection – an exquisite range of meticulously crafted gins inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Engelberg, Switzerland. Immerse yourself in the alpine essence with each sip, as we bring you the perfect blend of 27 organic botanicals, locally sourced and distilled to perfection in copper pot stills. Elevate your gin experience with Terrace, Golf, Stand, Titlis Reserve, Trübsee, and Chalet – each a unique expression of the Swiss alpine spirit.

Terrace London Dry GIN: Indulge in the grandeur of the Alps with our Terrace London Dry GIN. Locally distilled with 27 carefully chosen botanicals, this gin captures the essence of the Swiss Alps in every glass. With a perfect serve of this GIN Tonic, you’ll be transported to the panoramic views of Engelberg’s alpine village and majestic mountains.

  • 27 Botanicals
  • 42% vol
  • BARCODE 2007778881082

Golf Alcohol-free: For those who prefer a non-alcoholic option, Engelberg 0.0% vol is the epitome of the Titlis GIN experience without the alcohol. Dedicated to our Engelberg Golf Course restaurant, this alcohol-free spirit is perfect for GIN & Tonic or other cocktails. Enjoy the refreshing Engelberg Fizz without compromising on flavor.

  • 27 Botanicals
  • 0.0% vol
  • BARCODE 2017778881081

Stand Sloe GIN: Embrace the rustic and cozy atmosphere with our Sloe GIN. Based on our London Dry GIN, it’s infused with sloe berries and finished with Swiss sugar. Lean back, savor the view, and relish the heartwarming taste. Perfect serve: Mulled GIN.

  • 28 Botanicals & Sugar
  • 28% vol
  • BARCODE 2027778881080

Titlis Reserve GIN – Navy Strength: Ascend to the Titlis summit with our Reserve GIN, aged at navy strength in the Titlis glacier cave at 3020 meters above sea level. With breathtaking 360° views, this gin is distilled fresh and bottled at an impressive 57% vol. Experience the grandeur with a perfect serve of Titlis Negroni.

  • 27 Botanicals
  • 57% vol
  • BARCODE 2037778881089

Trübsee Old Tom GIN: Inspired by the picturesque Trübsee lake, our Old Tom GIN pays homage to the 19th-century gin style. Gently sweetened with sugar and a touch of certified color, it brings the cloudy lake to life in every glass. Perfect serve: Trübsee Collins.

  • 27 Botanicals & Sugar
  • Certified color added
  • 42% vol
  • BARCODE 2057778881087

Chalet Liqueur GIN: Wrap up your alpine day in the cozy Chalet next to the cableways valley station with our Liqueur GIN. Based on our London Dry GIN recipe, transformed into a sweet, velvety smooth liqueur, it’s the perfect way to toast to a great day in the mountains. Perfect serve: Chalet Apéritif.

  • 27 Botanicals
  • 22% vol
  • BARCODE 2077778881085

Indulge in the alpine magic of Titlis Gin Collection – a symphony of flavors capturing the essence of Engelberg’s majestic landscapes in every bottle.

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