Swiss Massiv Hoodie

Brand: Swiss Massiv

Winter is about to come, but don’t worry. You’ll be ready for it with the Swiss Massiv Hoodie! You’ll feel that warmth wherever you go.


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Swiss massiv hoodie overview

With Swiss Massiv Hoodie, you’ll never have to worry about the cold again! Lightweight yet reliable for warmth, this hoodie is perfect for hanging out with your friends or skiing.

You can even wear it on your way to the supermarket – the versatility is endless!

  • Fabric – 65% polyester, 35% elastane
  • Weight –280 g/m²

You can choose between five different sizes: 

  • XS 
  • S
  • XL 

For any time & every time

Swiss massiv hoodie is stylish and functional apparel. The hoodie can act as a sweater to keep you warm in a colder environment. On the other hand, it can also protect you from rain and snowfall. However, you have to keep in mind that it is better not to depend entirely on this way too much. The reason is that it is not meant to protect you for a prolonged time in bad weather.

A Swiss massiv hoodie is a great thing to wear in between formal and casual. It is stylish, comfortable to wear, and can be very flexible. The hoodie is also perfect for those lazy moments! When you just need a cup of hot coffee and chill out after getting back home from work. Want to go out for a walk to get fresh air? Well, the Swiss hoodie will be your perfect companion!

Swiss Massiv – the Outcome of Passion

The owner, René Unternährer, creates skis in the very heart of Switzerland. Swiss Massiv skis are the outcome of his passion and quest for precision crafting of this highly complex product. That’s why he was able to create such a ski that performs with a supremely comfortable glide.

This is how the owner himself described the start of the creation process:

I don’t simply buy wood to make my skis. I buy a tree because the character of the skis starts with a tree. Check out the skis as well as the other pieces of equipment in our shop!

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  • Available with a flat rate until 2kg and more.
Weight 2.500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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Hoodie Jacket, Standard


65% polyester, 35% cotton


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