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Olo Easter Nougat Egg Decorated 160 g

With or without filling, Easter nougat egg will sweeten every house! Could contain elaborate sugar, marzipan decor or to be simply plain. The best nougat you can imagine.

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Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sugar, almond 39%, invert sugar, emulsifier: E 471, coating agent: E 904, coloring agents: E 100 and E 141, flavoring, milk protein (contains lactose).
Contains almonds, milk, lactose.

Easter nougat egg: Crafting holiday magic

The process of crafting Easter nougat egg is an art that fuses tradition, skill, and the finest ingredients. It’s a journey that begins with the caramelization of sugar and ends with the creation of charming, mouthwatering delights that make the Easter holiday truly special.

Preserving Tradition with Care

Every Easter, a small but significant detail brightens up our holiday celebrations – the Easter nougat egg. Behind the creation of these delectable treats lies a time-honored process that is steeped in tradition. The journey of crafting Easter nougat eggs begins with the caramelization of sugar in a copper kettle, a step that relies on the expertise of seasoned confectioners. This is where the magic truly begins.

A Treasured Tradition Through Generations

The art of crafting Easter nougat eggs is not merely a culinary process; it is a cherished tradition deeply rooted in history and cultural heritage. Generation after generation, confectioners have preserved and perfected these time-honored techniques, passing them down as a precious legacy. This tradition not only delights our taste buds but also connects us to the rich tapestry of our past, making each nougat egg a piece of edible history to savor and celebrate during the holiday season.

The Dance of Almonds

Once the sugar has been caramelized to perfection, the process continues with the addition of freshly prepared almonds. These almonds, meticulously chopped or finely flaked in-house, are added with great care, while stirring the mixture both carefully and vigorously. This step is a testament to the commitment to using the finest, quality ingredients.

From Hot Paste to Precious Shapes

With the nougat mixture now infused with the rich essence of caramelized sugar and almond goodness, it’s time to bring the Easter nougat figures to life. The hot nougat paste is poured onto a stone slab, where it is expertly cooled and flattened. In a display of artisanal skill, the confectioners mold the nougat into the iconic shapes we all love – bunnies, eggs, or piglets.

A Delight to Behold

The final touches add a touch of charm to these delightful nougat creations. A steady hand and an eye for detail bring each nougat animal to life, from the cute, expressive eyes of the bunnies to the attractive sugar glaze that adorns the eggs.

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