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Cailler Chocolate Bunny 85 g

Cailler Chocolate Bunny is made from the finest milk chocolate, with at least 29% cocoa content. Ideal for Easter egg hunt or in the Easter basket!

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Cailler Chocolate Bunny

Cailler Chocolate Bunny is made from the finest milk chocolate, with 29% cocoa content. It’s ideal for an Easter egg hunt or in the Easter basket! Moreover, it’s a beautiful gift for a friend or a co-worker! The perfect way to wish a happy Easter to your loved ones!

In every part of the world, Easter calls for a time to celebrate and spend some lovely moments with your closest family and relatives. Same as any other country, Switzerland has its own traditions, customs, and interesting gifts. But Switzerland is super interesting because each part of the country has at least one specific tradition.

The oldest existing chocolate brand

Cailler is Switzerland’s oldest chocolate brand, still in existence. Francois-Louis Cailler founded the company in his hometown of Vevey. Since 1820 they have produced the highest quality chocolate products, such as Cailler Chocolate Bunny. Consequently, the company is one of the most renowned Swiss chocolate brands today. In 1911, the brand developed a unique recipe that they still use. They use condensed Alpine milk from the Gruyere region, hence making the chocolate creamier and more luxurious than ever before. To this day, the brand is the only Swiss manufacturer that uses condensed instead of powdered milk.

To sum up, Cailler produces the finest Swiss chocolate, using just the finest ingredients: fresh and high-quality Alpine milk from local dairies, sustainable cocoa, and in-depth knowledge of chocolate making. As a result, people all over the world enjoy their delicious products!

If you want to have a whiff of Switzerland in your home this Easter, check out our online selection, where you can find beautiful chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and much more! Happy Easter, everyone!

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