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Hanowa Swiss Military Wristwatch Swiss Recruit Lady Prime Silver-Grey

Brand: Hanowa - Swiss Military

The genuine Hanowa Swiss Military brand captures the essence of military precision with multi dimensional timepieces that sit at the pinnacle of innovation, function and design.

The Swiss Recruit Lady Prime collection is simply beautiful on the eye and justifies the name with unparalleled build quality and materials. As a result, you get a fine timepiece that you can rely on to perform and stay looking new over years of daily use.

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Swiss Recruit Lady Prime Overview

Nowadays, the reason for wearing a wristwatch has reduced due to the advent of smartwatches. People are becoming day by day getting busier. Hence it won’t be wrong to say that time is now money in literal terms. People today realize that the value of self-time and others is precious. However, clocks are omnipresent on smartphones, and individuals can wonder if wearing a wristwatch nonetheless makes sense.

It’s correct that the proportion of watch wearers has considerably reduced in the present decade. Nowadays, folks are replacing their watches with smartphones that tell them precisely what moment, right down to the exact thousandth of a second. However, on the other hand, wrist watches have now become more like a living standard or fashion accessory. For instance, a wristwatch-like Swiss Recruit Lady Prime, is meant to do much more than tell the time!

Nevertheless, the fact is that watches are not getting obsolete. For your professional and personal settings, there are several reasons to keep wearing a modern wristwatch-like Swiss Recruit Lady Prime. And if you are in need of something special, you will appreciate the craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaker Hanowa.

Enjoy the high quality of Swiss Recruit Lady Prime

The Hanowa brand is a well-recognized Swiss brand with years of experience in making amazing Swiss watches for men and women. The brand puts a lot of effort into making its watches.

They strictly adhere to Swiss quality standards and always come up with great designs to fulfill the demand for a modern style sense. And if you get their watches from authentic Swiss shops like Swissmade Direct, you will definitely have a great experience.

Product descriptions:

Stainless steel with Ion Plating (PVD) treatment


  • Case diameter:32 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Movement: Swiss precision quartz (Ronda 585)
  • Glass: Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Strap: Stainless steel (Silver)
  • ATM:5 water resistant
  • Digital functions: Data indication


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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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