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Mondaine Classic Seasonal Women Wristwatch 30 mm

Here is the modern, stylish version of Swiss classic watch! Mondaine Classic seasonal women wristwatch is the essential detail which every businesswoman needs to illuminate her hand.

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If you consider yourself as a strong, businesswoman, then this impeccable detail should be on your hand – Mondaine Classic seasonal women wristwatch. The Mondaine Classic was the first Official Swiss Railways watch and has been a key feature in the collection since 1986. The definitive classic design injects a true sense of joy with a splash of bold pop colors. In line with 2018 trends, the watch models come in shades of cerise, sky blue, and canary yellow.

Special design for modern women

A quirky hole pattern was added to genuine leather stitched strap. Therefore, it ensures this collection departs from the usual form. With a unique flair, this Mondaine wristwatch provides just enough difference to elevate this collection to new style heights for 2018. However, it still retains the iconic brand markers of Mondaine, which makes each watch still distinguishable as the Swiss classic watch.

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