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Mondaine Helvetica No1 Bold Women Wristwatch 34 mm

The spirit of Switzerland will be present on your hand with Mondaine Helvetica No1 bold women wristwatch! Every detail is carefully picked to respond to needs of modern women and modern age.

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Weight 0.800 kg

Mondaine helvetica no1 bold women wristwatch overview

Here is the new Mondaine Helvetica watch for ladies who like impeccable, strong details! Mondaine Helvetica Bold women wristwatch is transferring the essence of Switzerland to a watch. Therefore, the result is strict design, with just a few touches to surprise the eye.

A perfect watch for the modern woman

The Mondaine Helvetica watches are off from traditional position, to fit in the modern women’s needs. Furthermore, new Mondaine family number, the Helvetica No1 with its curved crossbar, is here to respond to the 2018 trends. Case material is made of stainless steel and bracelet material is genuine leather. Hence, it is strong, outstanding and one-of-a-kind piece. Number 1 for your bold statement on the wrist. A perfect watch for ladies who enjoy strong and impressive timepieces.

Enjoy Swiss excellence

Watches represent who you are. A right wristwatch will compliment your appearance and apparel. It can become truly part of who you are. Therefore, you must pick the right watch for you. For decades Switzerland has been known to be the maker of the most amazing watches. And the trend continues with the bold women’s wristwatch. It has a fantastic design and is made from the best materials. Moreover, making the watch is perfect for your hand.

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