Mondaine Helvetica No1 Smart Men Wristwatch


Get the feel of the first smartwatch which combines classic design with the latest technology! Mondaine Helvetica No1 smart men wristwatch has all the best features which you can save on your phone or MotionX cloud.

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Mondaine helvetica no1 overview

The Mondaine Helvetica No1 smart men wristwatch utilizes the MotionX technology. It is the first watch which combines classic horological design with the latest tracking technology. In contrast to other smart devices, you have the information in an analog fashion via the subdial.

Mondaine helvetica no1 features activity tracking, sleep monitoring, sleep cycle alarms, get-active alerts, and adaptive coaching. You can send all data the watch measures and collects to your phone and tablet via Bluetooth and the downloadable app. Furthermore, you can put all the data in the MotionX cloud.

For decades, Switzerland has been the trendsetter in making very advanced watches. The Swiss-made timepieces are the gold standard of the most high-quality clock and watch. And the brand behind this watch is also appreciated for its incredible work. Everything gets checked to make the best watch, from the production process to materials that go into it. And if you are looking for the most carefully crafted wristwatch, this will be your perfect companion!

The 1 of 1957

Also, these Mondaine watches are water-resistant and the battery lasts more than 2 years. The limited edition has “1 of 1957” engraving on the side of each watch, signifying that it’s one of only 1957 worldwide. The number corresponds to the year when the iconic Helvetica font was created.


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