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Every parent knows that finding the right toys for their kids is not always the easiest task. First of all, you have to consider their age and find something that will occupy their attention for longer than a few days. That’s the most common problem with kids – they often find toys interesting for a very short time. So, for the upcoming Easter, you should think about toys that are truly exciting on many different levels. Fortunately, we thought about this and came out with magnificent and unique Swiss Easter gifts for kids. So, what are these toys and why are they so special.

Trauffer and Kiener – unique Swiss Easter gifts

We’re talking here about Trauffer and Kiener toys. Although Trauffer Wooden Toys Ltd took over Kiener three years ago, they still care about the core values of these toys in making newer versions of traditional toys. Kathrin Kiener, the founder of Kiener brand, passed the responsibility of her life work to Trauffer, because, as she said, she wanted to leave her toys and wooden butterflies in good hands. Nobody leaves a life work to someone else just like that. She fully trusts Trauffer, and there’s a massive reason for that.

Every Swiss child knows the little cow with a golden bell. That cow is the trademark symbol of Trauffer. Besides the cow, there are many other figurines, animals, and toys that are perfect and unique Swiss Easter gifts for kids. However, the point is that the focus of Trauffer as a brand is on tradition, craftsmanship, Swiss quality, and wood, which is the most important feature. They use only special wood from Swiss forests, with the quality FSC label. It is a primary guarantee of authenticity and character of Trauffer wooden toys.

The situation was the same with Kiener in the past. This brand always enjoyed an excellent reputation because of the quality, effort, and care they invested in toys. Now, when this brand became a part of Trauffer Wooden Toys Ltd, the situation is the same. Even back in the past, these two brands shared the same values and principles. Both kids and adults loved their toys, and they still do with the same passion. Such a strong tradition is the exact reason why we picked these brands to represent unique Swiss Easter gifts for kids.

Traditional Trauffer toys

Heidi And Peter

Heidi and Peter are characters from one of the most popular Swiss stories for children. It is a Swiss film from 1955. The film is based on the Story of Heidi by Johanna Spyri from 1881. Now you can transport these iconic Swiss characters from the books to your home.


Each individual piece is unique. In addition, they only use water-based colors, making these toys completely safe for your children to play with. Furthermore, both children and adults will adore playing with these adorable wooden figurines.

Swiss Wooden Cow

This sweet Swiss wooden cow is a perfect addition to your home. The cow is their trademark, which stands for manual workmanship, high quality, and Swiss wood. In a world where so many children’s toys are made from plastic, a wooden cow is a significant contrast. This lovely decorated cow is completely natural and made from 100% Swiss wood. Not only that, but it is hand-carved and hand-painted with pure love. Bring your family together with one of Switzerland’s most popular wooden toys!


Barry dog magnet

A Barry dog magnet is a unique piece, individually hand-carved for three generations of the best Swiss craftsman.


The legendary Barry dog is the archetype of the rescue dog. The St Bernard breed dates back to the 17th century when they were kept by monks for guarding protection on the pass of Great St Bernhard. Soon, they evolved into companion dogs and most importantly, rescue dogs. The Swiss Bernard dog is an iconic breed with a long-lasting tradition. For making this charming St Bernard magnet, they used exclusively from Swiss FSC wood. It is completely natural and non-toxic.

Bernese and Barry dog pulling a cart

Create memories with your family with two of the most recognizable Swiss dog breeds – the Bernese dog and the Barry St Bernard. Both variations include a dog pulling a cart with a milk jug. This cute product is all-natural. Tradition, along with Swiss quality and craftsmanship is the driving force behind Trauffer. You don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals, these adorable dogs are completely safe. Furthermore, these Switzerland toys are also crafted from Swiss FSC wood.


Today, children’s games are becoming increasingly violent and aggressive. By playing with Trauffer’s authentic toys, your child will learn empathy and respect towards all living beings.

RÖSSLI-HÜ Wooden Horse

The “Adventures of the little wooden horse” was written in 1939 by the English children’s book author Ursula M. Williams. That was the inspiration for Trauffer to come out with a line of adorable wooden toys. Also, they make the adventurous Rössli-Hu the same as it is in the book!


If you look at the world of toys today, you will realize it has fundamentally changed. Flashing screens and beeping computers are everywhere you turn. Nevertheless, simple wooden toys are experiencing a real renaissance! For example, this Swiss toy horse is incredibly simple, yet incredibly effective! You can see the cracks in the wood, the changes in coloration; all of which make toys personal to a child.

Trauffer special wooden cow

Trauffer Special Wooden Cow has leather ears and horns. The little bell has a fine sound and the bell band is, of course, a dark leather band. Saliva-fast and non-toxic colors (hand-painted) only set accents where they make sense. Finally, sharp edges are and secondary details are deliberately missing. Dimensions are 31x21x8 cm, and it is available in four different variations – red, black, swiss, and red Holstein. 


Newest Kiener additions

Kiener Wooden Mini Books

Kiener Wooden Mini Books represent a great gift for this Easter. Also, they are continuing the trend of social responsibility when it comes to Kiener toys. The manufacture of finished and semi-finished products highlights various foundations and workshops.


The social integration and support of addicts and mentally impaired workers is also a tradition at Trauffer Holzspielwaren AG for years. Therefore, it is their express aim to support these people in their personal stabilization as well as in their social and professional integration.

Kiener Assorted Sound Cubes

Kiener Assorted Sound Cubes are created for you, us, and nature. Swiss wood is, of course, a crucial part of these magnificent toys. Natural colors are there because of kids and the environment. Also, EN 71 standards are the guarantee of maximum security.


In the end, creating such a company culture means that Trauffer truly cares about society.

Kiener Wooden Butterfly

It is fluttering again, the famous Kiener Wooden Butterfly from Zurich.


As we mentioned, Trauffer Wooden Toys Ltd took over Kiener at the beginning of 2017.  They brought a new version of traditional products. What began 42 years ago out of a love of color and form became a life-long occupation.

Kiener Hanging Wooden Butterflies

The newest variation of traditional Kiener Hanging Wooden Butterflies will not disappoint anyone. When modern and traditional are combined perfectly, you know that the masterpiece is coming out. It is definitely one of the best Swiss gifts for kids, especially for the upcoming Easter.


Kiener butterflies are beautiful as they always were, with only a slight touch of modern manufacturing.

In every part of the world, Easter calls for a time to celebrate and spend some lovely moments with your closest family and relatives. Same as any other country, Switzerland has its own traditions, customs, and interesting gifts. But, Switzerland is super interesting because each part of the country has, at least, one specific tradition. However, in this article, we will mainly focus on traditions that belong to almost every part of the country. So, how do Swiss celebrate Easter and what are the most significant Swiss traditions?

Preparations usually start a week earlier. People start decorating their homes, as well as shops, with chocolate and colorful bunnies, specialized Easter chocolates, Easter cakes and sweets, and of course, colorful eggs. Logically, celebrating Easter also includes celebrating the springtime. The most common Swiss tradition is that the cuckoo brings the Easter eggs. In every part of the country, there are these three crucial parts of Easter spirit and celebration – eggs, cuckoo, and baskets.


A week before Easter comes, people display special Easter cakes, chocolate cuckoos, and colored eggs to remind children that the holiday is coming soon. On Easter Sunday, children wake up early to put colorful eggs into baskets. The child who gathers the highest number of eggs becomes the winner and receives gifts, such as chocolate or sugar eggs, as well as marzipan rabbits. In some traditional villages, around Easter time, gifts such as wine, cheese, and fresh bread are still popular. They believe it strengthens friendships among neighbors, which, indeed, is truth.

As you can see, there are many interesting customs in Switzerland. Hence, let’s slowly go through each of them, so you can have a clearer picture of how Swiss celebrate Easter. Some of the customs take part in every part of Switzerland, while some of them are specific to a particular canton or region.

Making an Easter tree

A small Easter tree, also called the Osterbaumli, is a cute Swiss tradition that also celebrates the arrival of spring. Usually, people cut sprigs off a tree and put them into a vase. Then, they add colorful Easter eggs, which, by the way, don’t have to be real ones. Plastic ones, from the supermarket, can do the trick as well.

Eggs decoration

Of course, same as many other parts of the world, Swiss Easter also can’t happen without dyed eggs. Every color is welcome, and some people, especially older ones, still prefer painting. But, there is one more tradition for more elaborately dyed eggs that include red and yellow onion skins. Besides eggs and onion skins, this process also requires old pantyhose, a bit of salt and vinegar, and some flora of people’s own choice.


Easter egg hunt

As we mentioned in the introduction, Easter Sunday morning is the time for hiding eggs, Easter chocolates, and toys inside the house. When children wake up, the Easter egg hunt time comes! Among different chocolates and sweets, Swiss people prefer small and large nougat eggs, jelly eggs with sugar coat, and of course, children’s favorite – chocolate bunnies! Small Easter cakes, called Osterchuechli, are another typical Swiss treat that contains rice or semolina. Swiss people either make their own, small or large, cakes, or buy them in supermarkets and bakeries. Easter egg hunt is the definition of how Swiss celebrate Easter.

Egg smash

Egg smash, also known as the Eiertutschen, is the funniest Easter tradition across Switzerland. The goal is to break somebody else’s egg without breaking your own. The winner gets to eat the egg. Usually, people smash eggs at home. However, in larger cities, such as Swiss capital Bern, people organize a big egg smashing competition on Easter Sunday. Believe us; it is a super fun event!


There is one more popular Easter game in Switzerland, similar to Eiertutschen, called Zwanzgerle. This tradition happens on Easter Monday. The difference is that, for Zwanzgerle, you need only one egg instead of two. Usually, the adults are those who try to break decorated eggs of their children with a twenty cent coin. If the coin cracks the eggshell and sticks in the egg, the adult claims the egg. On the other hand, the child claims the coin if the adult fails to crack the egg. The cool thing is that kids are likely to earn a few cents since it is pretty tough to do the trick with a coin. As you can see in the video, this tradition is very popular in Zurich.

Weeping women

This tradition, also called “Les Pleureuses,” is specific to western parts of Switzerland. During it, women carry crimson cushions and walk slowly through the streets. On crimson (red) cushions, they carry symbols of the crucifixion of Jesus – a crown of thorns, hammer, birch sticks, nails, and a whip. This custom happens on Easter Friday.

Decorated fountains in Nyon

People in Nyon, on Lake Geneva, every year compete in decorating the town’s fountains. What’s the most interesting – all members of the local community join the competition – schoolchildren, local clubs and businesses, etc. After decoration, members of the public can tour the fountains for a chance to win the prize. It is a lovely and fun tradition that happens during April.

We tried to gather in one place all primary traditions and customs that happen in Switzerland during Easter. Of course, there are many other customs, such as Chlefeli or Easter Zopf bread, that are also super popular across the whole country.

Anyways, we hope that now you have a clearer picture of how Swiss celebrate Easter. Swiss traditions are essential, and in many regions, people still pay attention to them each year. But, the crucial thing is that holidays, such as Easter, make stronger connections between people. It is always great to have a fun time with your family members and relatives, whether you are religious or not.

In the end, if you want to have a whiff of Switzerland in your home this Easter, check out our unique offer, where you can find beautiful chocolate eggs, bunnies, and much more.

For most people, Easter is a time of the year to enjoy with your dearest and closest family members and relatives. Although each part of the world has its own customs and tradition, there are still things that are similar to all people in every country throughout the world. And what do people like? Talking and hanging out with their dearest, but also to drink and eat. When it comes to eating, besides the main traditional meal, it is always good to have some high-quality chocolate, especially for kids. And which chocolate is the best in the entire world? Swiss chocolate, of course! That’s why we came out with our suggestions on the best Swiss Easter chocolates that will please all your senses.

Our goal was to gather in one place only those chocolate creations that are specially created for Easter. Each chocolate on our list has its own advantages, so it is best to check out them all to find the option you like the most. Therefore, let’s go through ten fantastic Swiss Easter chocolates, and help you decide which one is perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Cailler Milk Chocolate Eggs

Right from the Swiss Alps, these astounding chocolate creations will gladden your beloved ones. The highest quality and attractive design will win over the heart of every true chocolate lover.


What makes these Callier Eggs so special is the milk from Swiss Alps cows. It is the main reason why Callier chocolate is so meltingly smooth. Fresh milk, together with cocoa and other unique ingredients are the essential parts of this chocolate-making art.

Frey Easter Chocolate Mix

If you doubted what kind of chocolate you want for Easter, we have the solution. It’s easy; you don’t have to choose – just take it all! With Frey Easter chocolate mix you can enjoy both neapolitans and chocolate eggs.


Whether with coffee or as a quick treat to keep you going – the tiny temptations in the finest neapolitains chocolate are excellent for every occasion. Each chocolate is carefully crafted following the traditional recipe. Definitely one of the best Swiss Easter chocolates out there.

Easter Chocolate Truffles

The most thrilling Easter present comes from the market-leading bakery in Switzerland. When you hear the Bachmann name, you know it’s all about the quality. It also applies to these wonderful Easter chocolate truffles! The box is not only full of homemade truffles but also the chocolate and sugar eggs.


A perfect pleasure for the upcoming holiday. The stylish box of the greatest chocolate you can imagine.

Ragusa Chocolate Eggs

These awesome Ragusa chocolate eggs will take care of your Easter fun! With more than seven decades of tradition, Ragusa chocolate has a place at the very top of the whole chocolate world. Whole hazelnuts are one of the main reasons why all Ragusa products are so adorable.


Furthermore, these chocolate eggs also have all main Ragusa characteristics. Besides hazelnuts, there is also a lot of cocoa. Hence, every true chocolate lover will be ecstatic when chewing only one bite of these eggs.

Frey Confiseur Easter Pralines

Is there anything sweeter than the highest chocolate experience? Frey Confiseur Easter pralines represent that feeling in every possible manner. They are made to please demanding chocolate lovers throughout the world. Frey chocolate passion for the finest products is always present. Hence, these pralines are just what you need to make this Easter perfect.


Frey Japonais Chocolate Eggs

Frey Japonais chocolate eggs are a delicious blend of the finest chocolate and special ingredients. Whether with creamy fillings or crispy additions, these chocolate eggs stand out for the varied, unforgettable and delightful taste experience. Therefore, everybody is going to love them, both young and old ones.


Frey chocolate is always welcome for special occasions like Easter. It will make your holiday unique and memorable for the whole life.

Frey Freylini Special Chocolate Mix

You might be wondering how to shorten the waiting time until Easter. Frey Freylini Special Chocolate Mix will help you achieve that goal! Furthermore, it will put smiles on everyone’s face when the holiday comes!


Since Easter is one of those special days, you should celebrate it in a proper way. With gorgeous Frey taste!

Ovomaltine Easter Chocolate Eggs

Ovomaltine Easter chocolate eggs are following the traditional recipe of Ovaltine chocolate. The most delicate milk chocolate and crispy Ovo flavor will naturally vanish on your tongue.


Not only that Ovomaltine eggs have become bigger but they are a little more intense in the taste. Just imagine the happiness and smiles on your child’s face when he/she sees this sweet cutie.

Frey Spruso Chocolate Eggs

If you were always wondering how to make Easter memorable and cheerful for everyone – here is the answer!


House of chocolate Frey prepared a lot of different surprises for this Easter. There are exciting things for everyone – both young and old ones. And these Frey Spruso chocolate eggs are suitable for everyone! One of the cutest Swiss Easter chocolates you can find.

Easter Choco Rice Bunny

Easter is not complete without the bunny, don’t you think? Therefore, this Easter Choco Rice Bunny will fulfill the atmosphere for the upcoming holiday.


The wonderful mixture of chocolate and rice will smoothly melt in your mouth. Kids will adore this taste, but also the older ones with a good sweet sense. Obviously, this bunny almost calls to be eaten instantly, but you can always keep or store it in a dry, cool place. Chocolate bunnies are a part of the tradition in Switzerland.


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