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Swiss Alp Health Overview

Swiss Alp Health is well known throughout Europe and continuously grows its influence worldwide. They have more than twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, they are experienced experts in producing numerous healthcare products.

The brand is based in lake Geneva, Switzerland. All of their products come from Switzerland. They are good at making healthcare products. However, today, the brand focuses more on making mobility and connective tissue structure (collagen, proteoglycans). Swiss Alp Health makes highly efficient and exclusive ¨all-in-one¨ formulations for your personal health.

Today the brand has grown and is counted among the top healthcare product producers. However, behind today’s success, there’s a story. A unique tale of the establishment of Swiss Alp Health. It all started with a football game 30 years ago in the USA. When the founder was an exchange student who went to a football game where, unfortunately, he tore cross- and interior ligaments, once he was operated on, at first, everything was normal.

However, the problem started to arise after a week, later known as post-surgery staphylococcus infection. The later doctor prescribed high dosed antibiotics and six more operations to make everything okay. However, this experience was the main driving force behind the brand.

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The practical experience of the founder pushed everyone to make extraordinary healthcare products. And we are glad to have Swiss Alp Health beside us. So please browse through our inventory and order these products according to your needs. We will deliver your needs to your doorstep.


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