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Essento Overview

Essento a Swiss brand that has reached many milestones in its short journey. The organisation has taken an unconventional method of offering a sustainable food source. The company has gained a lot of momentum across Europe for bringing insect-related food products into the market. Their main motive behind this unique product is to offer a diverse yet nutritious diet. Insects are full of protein, and it brings tremendous and positive impact.

However, there is cultural prejudice until the day. And, the Essento brand is trying to fight against discrimination toward bugs by displaying modern, clean packaging. And they are putting a lot of resources to educate the public regarding the benefits of Edible insects as well.

Ready to change your diet?

The Essento brand is working really hard to help you find out something best to help you manage your diet without solely depending on the traditional meats. The company has a different range of products. And it comes with diverse flavors, which makes them delicious besides having high protein and other nutrients.

Order from your home now

At Swissmade Direct, our goal is to offer the best and unique products to our diverse customers. Today, if you want to buy Swiss Essento products from traditional shops, you do not have a lot of options. However, we always walk the extra mile to fulfill your needs. Therefore, we have added Essento products in our inventory. You can buy from your home’s convenience, and we will deliver the product right at your doorstep.

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